Thursday, June 05, 2008

Soldier Homecoming, U2 watching, and A GIVE-A-WAY!

There are a few things I want to tell you today, dear reader. Okay, three things. Three is more than "a few", right? Because isn't "a few" just two? I can never be certain. Anyway, I'm going to share three things with you:
1. My brother, the soldier --remember him? --is HOME! Home from Iraq! For good this time. Safely! He is home with his wife and son, and they are very happy. Big D's unit had no casualties, and my brother received a Bronze Star for his service. I'm so proud of him! I can't wait to see him later this month.
2. Brandon gets home from some more work-traveling today, and I've decided that this is the weekend we're gonna finally see U2! I'm planning it all out, getting the babysitter, etc. and I'm so excited! Now I won't have to gouge out my eyeballs, and Amanda won't have to have yucky images in her mind of me doing such a desperate thing. And bythelbs will be so proud!
3. This is my 500th post, dear reader. Did you hear me? Are you sure? Let me try again: THIS IS MY FIVE HUNDREDTH POST!!
Can you believe it?
To be honest, I can. I have a lot to say! And just so you're not left wondering if I post 10 times a day, I have been blogging since January of 2006. Two and a half years makes for a lot of posts!

Anyway, in celebration of this remarkable blogging milestone, I have decided to hold a give-a-way. Oh, yes, dear reader! A give-a-way! My second one, ever. You should consider yourself very lucky to participate in this give-a-way, since...well...since it's a give-a-way? And you get free stuff?
Exactly, dear reader, exactly.

Here's the prize:
Because I love the written word, and blogging is simply the act of writing and reading, I've decided to give away books as the prize. That's right, books! But not just any books. Good books. Fun books! These books:

Mandy: This book was one of my absolute favorites when I was a little girl. I still read it sometimes.
Eat Cake: Light, fluffy, and a fun read.
Jane Austen Handbook: I actually haven't read it yet, but Jeanette gives it an "A"; plus, I figured since this is me we're dealing with, I had to have something related to Jane Austen!
How to win:
Leave ONE comment with your name (no anonymous entries are allowed. That makes no sense, people!), and 500 reasons why you love my blog.
Totally kidding! I mean, if you really want to tell me 500 reasons why you love my blog, I'm really not opposed to it, but then I might have to block you from reading my blog because that's just creepy. ~shudder~
Instead, please tell me three reasons why you blog. To start, I'll give you my reasons:
1. To journal. This is pretty much it, you know.
2. To create! I am a writer.
3. To "meet" amazing people like you, dear reader. Honest to goodness, some of my closest friends I have met through blogging! And I've never even seen your faces. Well, I've seen pictures of your faces, but I've never been able to reach out and poke you in the eye and hear you yell "ouch! Jerk!" I mean, not that I would poke you in the eye, I'm just using this for illustration. Powerful illustration, eh?
I will leave the comments open until 10PM MST on Monday, June 9th. I will pick the name randomly, blah, blah, etc. and announce the winner sometime on Tuesday, June 10th.
Whoo-hoo! Now comment away! Win yourself some books...


Julie said...

Oooh! I'm first, I'm first! Yippee! First of all, a "couple" is two and a "few" is three or more. I'm quite sure of that. Thanks, Skip. Or maybe a teacher long before that, but I always credit him for everything because I still secretly have a crush on him. Do you remember dropping pencils on the floor so he'd come and pick them up? I do. And I sometimes just crave a little Fulghum to end the day.

What were we talking about?
Oh, I blog because
1) I want to remember my children as children.
2) I enjoy other people reaffirming that the craziness in my head is rather normal.
3) I didn't intend for this to be a reason, but it has become one of my top 3: there are so derned many neat people here in the blogosphere and I totally enjoy their friendship.

Will you crumple up my number before putting it in the bowl? I hear that makes it more likely to be chosen. But don't tell anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 500 posts! And the brother home safe and sound!

I think I should automatically win because I suggested the whole giving away of the books thing, but in the interest of fair play I will enter like everyone else.

My three reasons...

1. Because I need something to give me an excuse to not do the dishes. Or maybe just to distract me from the dish pile.

2. Because my children are hysterical and I feel I owe it to the world to share the joy of their existence.

3. Because I've only been doing this for four months and I've already made long-lasting (I hope), life-enriching friendships.

Now when do I get my prize? Uh, I mean, knowing you Cheryl is prize enough.

Summer said...

I am so happy your brother is home safe!

Fun giveaway!

I blog because:
1) It's a creative outlet
2) I like to meet new people
3) I like to write

Desi said...

Wow, 500 posts!

I blog because:

1) I like having a record of our day to day lives.
2) I like "meeting" fun new people like you.
3) I like storing pictures in another place so heaven fobid anything happens like a house fire and I will at least have the pictures that I've posted on here.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Wow, 500 posts! That's awesome. And I'm so glad your bro is home safe, God Bless our soldiers. :)

I'm excited for this giveaway. And I've been embarrassed to admit this, but I've never read a Jane Austen book. WHAT!! I know, I know. I said it's embarrassing. So I'm hoping that I win the Jane Austen book so that it can kind of help me navigate my new goal of reading her books. It's totally blog-peer-pressure. I want to be a cool Jane Austen aficionado like Cheryl!!

Anyway, the reasons I blog have changed back and forth since I started almost two years ago. When it comes down to the point, I blog because:
1-It's a great way to share my life with my friends and family, since I'm usually too lazy to call, visit, or write. I'm so much cooler online!
2-I seriously think of it as my own form of family history. I am preserving the memories of my family.
3-The personal side of it? I love the journey of reading other peoples' experiences and finding a way to relate, as well as the validation of having other people relate to me.

PS- Pick me!

Richelle said...

Congrats on 500 posts! Wow!

I blog becuase
1. I like the community of moms sharing stories and getting through stuff together
2. Keep in touch with family, who are all far away from us
3. It's my way to relax at the end of the day

Jill said...

Blogland just ate my post, I hate that! Julie, I love you!

1. I blog because I live far away from everyone (and soon it will probably be farther) and I like to think that they care about my life and what we're doing out here in the middle of nowhere.
2. I like to keep in touch, and this makes that easy to do in cyberspace since I can't do it in person (see #1)
3. I'm terrible at journaling with a pen and paper, and I really don't like scrapbooking so this is an easy way to write things down (with pictures) and no being crafty!

Julie P said...

Yeah for brothers safely home AND 500 posts!! Looking forward to 500 more.

Amanda said...

First, three or four is a few. A couple is two. And several is five or more.

Second, I am so happy for your family to have your brother home. We are forever indebted to his (and his wife's) service to our country. Please, tell him thank-you.

And, third, 500 posts is awesome! My three reasons: 1. Love to write 2. Great way to share pictures 3. Meeting new people

Thanks for seeing U2 and getting rid of the image of eyecalls on forks. :)

FluffyChicky said...

I love the book Mandy! My sister was given it as a present for Christmas one year and I read it behind her back (she was very protective of her things)and I thought it was great.

OK, why do I blog?
1) I am really good at following the crowd.
2) Bragging to others about your blogging friends sounds so much more cooler than bragging about your imaginary friends.
3) Blog give-a-ways. I love free stuff.

Jamie J said...

Yay that your brother is home! Tell him a big THANK YOU for his service from me. And wahoo on the 500 posts! That's awesome! Okay here are my reasons:

1. So that my kids and their kids will know what life was like when they were kids.
2. For me to get ideas out of my head
3. Because I know the world wants to hear what I have to say so gosh darn it I'm gonna say it! LOL

Christine said...

Nice job, Julie, for being ON THE BALL! If it involves a book . . .I'm there. Thanks in advance if I actualyl win - which I won't. I never win anything. Doesn't matter. :) ANYWAY . . . I blog because

1) It motivates me to journal more than anything else I have ever tried - and I've tried plenty. Journal jars don't work for me.

2) It is encouraging for me to see that there are REAL people in the world, not just the kind of people that put the best picure of themselves and their children on a website and proceed to talk about how perfect their life is. Come on, people. Give me a break!

3) It has turned into a little escape world for me - like going to church on Sunday. Yeah, it's like Sunday during the week. I relate to others, am uplifted by others, am touched by others, humbled by others, and it all makes me realize that we are more intertwined that we know. I have gotten to know people so much more through blogging than I would through a visit which none of us have time for.

Dan and Michelle said...

I am not sure if I even qualify for this give-a-way. I am related. Do I qualify? And...I answered this question in my post today. Do you remember? Anyway, I will answer it anyway and if you choose to disqualify me because of familial relations than that is OK. I will understand.

I blog to:

1. have a taste of adult conversation in my life. Until I make friends here, this is seriously lacking.

2. be off the hook with Mom...and anyone else that wants updates on my life. I mean, on my children's lives. It is much easier than sending out email updates. It's more enjoyable too.

3. read other peoples experiences. I love to lurk on peoples blogs and I learn so much from them. I laugh a lot and just generally feel better about being me. I am not the only one in the world having crazy experiences.

P.S. I am also glad that our brother is home safe. Maybe I should call him sometime...

becca said...

Christine- love you reasons. FluffyChicky- thank you for making me laugh out loud today.

I'm new to the whole blogging thing and actually you turned me onto it Cheryl because you told me it wasnt' hard to do. So, my reasons for blogging:

1. I had to. Some of the blogs I lurked went private and they asked me to sign in and I thought, WhAT the..? All right, I guess I'll try it. Sheesh, the things to have to do to see how crazy your friends if I didnt' know already.

2. The familial clan is across the country and I was tired of attaching photos to emails and forgetting someone and having to attach them all over again. Blogging is so much easier because BAM! There it is! Come and see the pictures everyone!

3. I like the journaling, scrapping, connecting with others aspect that you don't get from a 5,3 and nothing year old. And I like it when people me that means someone out there actually likes me! Sniff! I'm a weener! I mean a winner!

Rochelleht said...

Congrats. I blog therefore I am. No, not really. It's fun for my peeps back west to see the fam. Plus, I like it. Plus, I like comments. I guess I'm a narcissist that way.

Read all but the Julie Andrews book. I'll have to check it out.

Madsens said...

Yea for Big D!! Tell him congrats for me.

Congrats to you on the 500th post~ how fun is that :)

Reasons I blog:
1) to win free books...ha ha!!
2) i love to keep track of what we do and how i am feeling...when i type ALOT faster than i write!
3) i love to feel validated - meeting people who go through the same things...SO helpful! I love the blog world!

Good luck to me!! I hope I win :)

Anonymous said...

Sure, why not?

I blog because sometimes it's all I have energy for, because I love to write and discuss and think out loud, and because it's a a way, it's a sort of 'small plates' for me as I usually write about topics related to faith that mean a lot to me.

m&m said...

ha, that was me at 11:23...hit something and the comment sent without my permission.

The Motherboard said...

U2 the movie?? Noway!! I am jealous. I saw them in concert once, and was crying like a silly little school girl. Have fun!

So happy your brother came home! Ours did 15 months in Iraq, was home for8 m months and then was shipped back out to Afghanistan. I love our soldiers!

Congrats on the 500th post. I love to blog!

Why do I blog? It has changed from when I first started.
1- It is my free therapy session, and when people comment, its my free group therapy session.
2-Its a way to document our lives--- I always meant to write down the funny things my older kids said-- but never did. Now I can't remember them. My younger children will have a better"scrapbook" because I have captured the everyday with them. I was a scrapbooker-- this was a natural progression for me.
3. I am a writer at heart. I have all sorts of essays rumbling around in my head, and this is a wonderful creative outlet.
4. I am learning new skillz, and everyone knows guys dig girls with skillz!--even tho I'm married!:>)

thanks for letting me play!

Allie said...

well, I will start with saying why I love your blog. I love how honest you are. I like how you struggle (ok, not the struggle part...) but put a positive spin on it and come out on top. You seem like an amazing person who people would love to be friends with...blah blah. ;)
anyway...3 reasons I blog

1) to keep family and friends that are far away updated on our lives.
2) I find it fun to find something to blog about (I have taken way more pictures now then I did before!)
3) I like the feedback i get from people. The feeling of not being alone...that others have been through things and they are ok...or they think something is funny too...ect

Janelle said...

Hey Cheryl,

I blog because many of my friends have moved away - my sidebar is filled with them. So, to keep in touch.

To make sure I take photos of my kids and store them someplace other than a shoebox.

I absolutely blog with the goal to influence future generations of my family to come unto Christ.

To share the funny stuff that happens to the W's.

I do love to blog. Maybe too much.

Sara said...

I'm totally laughing over Julie's comment about Skip! LOL!!! Omgosh, too funny. :) I think I'm blushing. He *was* pretty cute!

Sara said...

oh -- and for the giveaway! :)

1. it's fun
2. it's a great way to keep in touch w/ people without phone calls or emails ;)... especially now that we live far from most of our family.
3. definitely to remember things and journaling purposes for my kids, etc.

Rachel said...

I don't think that this will count as an official entry because . . . I don't blog! Not yet. I lurk all the time, and every day I think, "Tomorrow I will start a blog." But, of course, tomorrow never comes.

But, Cheryl, I LOVE your blog. I read everything that you write. And, I miss you. Why didn't we spend more time together at BYU? Or, in High School for that matter.

Anyway, these are the reasons I want to blog:

1- I think that I will always remember everything, but I don't. I want to record things for posterity, but also for me- so that I can look back and get some perspective.

2- I need to do a better job at taking pictures of my kids and sharing them with family. We literally live all the way across the country from our parents, and my kids are always doing cute things that I should be taking pictures of. Hopefully a blog will help me do better at that.

3- Because every once in a while I have an original thought, and just maybe it is something that someone else needs to hear. I know that there have been many times that you, and others, have posted things that I needed to hear/read.

I love you! And thank you for blogging!
Rachel (Harper) Fisher

Jeanette said...

Yea for 500 and yea for your brother home safe!
Thanks for the link too,

Why I blog? Only 3 reasons?
1. It is just totally so much fun! :-) (Except when my 3 year old tattles and tells daddy I've been sitting in front of the computer all day.) :-)
2. I have a terrible memory. Blogging about books I read helps me remember what I have read and what I liked. Blogging about my day to day stuff helps me remember, well, life! And blogging my recipes keeps me from having to search through all my recipe files and books because I know my favorites
are on the blog or soon will be! :-)
3. To keep family and friends updated because I am totally bad about writing letters and stuff like that.

Julie said...

Rachel --- Start a blog! PLEASE!!!! I miss you!

blogless Becky said...

Welcome home to the big D!!! And congrats on 500 posts.

Leslie said...

So happy your Bro is home safe and sound...a true American Hero. 500 posts!!! Holy Cow...awesome!

Phew...I made it back in time to enter your giveaway!

Why I blog:
1. I need to's good for me on many, many levels.
2. I like to interact with other people, hear their stories, get their advise, stay connected with people I know and love and get to know other amazing people too.
3. To tell my own story and laugh at myself in the process.

Oh and did I mention...I love your blog...why?

1. You are real...and you let us know that
2. Your writing in fun, interesting, entertaining...a delight to read.
3. You make me smile! See me smiling? :)

Paige said...

Well, I just came to your blog, on a link from Summer, but I have to say, Go BYU, and hooray for Happy Valley.

Congratulations on 500 posts, and I LOVEd the book EAT CAKE< too.

Grandma Rozla said...

I think I'm up to 41 posts now!
Why do I blog?
1 - I find it a great release for me.
2 - I feel like I'm keeping in touch with my hometown friends
3 - Even though I keep a journal I still think this is an extension to my journal. I copy some of the posts and put them in my journal. Maybe someday I'll make a book of the blog:)