Monday, June 09, 2008

I Didn't Blog? Nope.

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Wow. What a weekend. I did something I haven't done in a long time. Actually, two things:
1. I read a book. A 619 page book.
2. I didn't blog.

The first one was great. It felt like home; reading and reading and reading obsessively, only putting down the book when the children's voices whined in desperation. I love to read. And read quickly. I immerse myself into books and when I take too long to read them, they become my life. So I must read, enjoy, and finish. Finish! And finish, I did.

Oh, what book did I read? This one:

And for the record, it's a goodie. Meyer has improved as a writer; her story was very good. I think I might have to buy the sequel to this one, too. I'm likin' this Stephenie Meyer. Her Twilight series makes me feel like a teenager and her Host series makes me feel desire to be a better person. Sounds strange, I know! but if you've read the books, you'll know what I mean.

As for not blogging? I didn't have time. I had to read. This is the problem with my voracious reading-habit that I haven't indulged in for months and months. Plus, I can only do so much when I have to be a mother, too. You understand, right? If you saw no comments from Yours Truly on your amazing posts in the last 3-4 days, you'll forgive me, right? I hope so. I'd forgive you!

A few more exciting items of business:
1. We saw U2!! It was awesome. Huge, 3-D, Bono right in the face, way, way, way, too short, and I dreamt about it that night. Oh, sweet U2, you are the greatest! Oh, and because I'm tired (or just lazy?), go read Bythelbs' review on U2. We think alike in our review of the show. I know I've linked her review already (many times), but I wouldn't want you to have to find it over and over. I'm here for you, dear reader, you know.
Oh! I have to tell you what we did before the U2 movie. Brandon and I went to dinner, and then we went to his office. Very exciting! It was! Why? Well, the break room in his office has "Rock Band" on an X-Box 360. Anyone played Rock Band? It's like Guitar Hero, but there are drums, a bass, singing, etc. All kinds of goodies, and you can do it at the same time. Up to four people on four different instruments (or the same? If you have that many guitars, I guess...) It was so fun! I had never played it before and I blew Brandon away with my mad, mad skillz on the fake guitar. I've got rhythm, people. Who could ask for anything more?

2. I made Lifetime at Weight Watchers on Saturday.
Neither can I. In fact, since the world just needs to know and I don't care, I needed to weigh less than 172 pounds to make lifetime (my goal weight was 170; you have to stay within 2 pounds of goal weight for 6 weeks to make lifetime), and what did I weigh in at?? 171.8. Holy Cow! Too close for comfort, but it worked! So, hooray for me! What does this mean? Well, now WW is free. I can go to any meeting, weigh in as much as I want, and it's all free. I never have to pay. The catch? I have to weigh in once a month (and never miss a month) and be under 172 pounds. For the rest of my life. If I end up being over, I have to pay until I'm back under again. Brilliant motivation, I think.
My mother has been lifetime for 8 years and Brandon is going on a couple of months now, so I can do it! I can do it. But holy cow 171.8?? What is that all about? So, I've decided to work on another goal and reach 165. I was 168 when I hit "goal weight", so I know it can be done. I just need to stop eating so many granola bars. PB and chocolate...yummm... Oh, and maybe follow my own advice (please see my How I Lost The Weight Series on my sidebar).

3. My boys are sick. The three of us cuddled on the couch yesterday while Brandon took the girls to church. Not sure what they have; they got it Saturday (well, the feverish symptoms began), and they seem better today, so we'll see. Luckily for us, they didn't show signs of sickness until after the Elder's Quorum family barbecue and then swimming in Kearns with my sister and her family. Unfortunately, the symptoms showed up while we were eating at my sister's place. If my nephews get sick, Michelle, I'm really sorry! But thanks for the food!
That is all for now. I'll announce the winner of my give-a-way tomorrow!


Jumbo Shrimp said...

I've been wondering where you are. Another friend read that book and loved it too. I guess I'll have to pick it up. I read like that too...That's why I didn't read much this month because I couldn't seem to set aside a day and a half of just reading.

Yay for U2 and I LOVE Rock Band! So fun! That's pretty awesome that they have it in Brandon's office.

Hooray for lifetime with weight watchers but boo for the kids being sick. Hope they get better!

Amanda D said...

First, congrats on lifetime! That is awesome. You amaze me.

Second, sometimes you have to take a couple days and just read. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the book! I'm a little freaked out by the giant eyeball on the cover though... How many books are going to be in the series? I don't want to start another series until all the books are out. It is too hard to wait between books.

I hope your boys feel better, and that no one else gets it. Snuggling on the couch sounds good though!

Julie said...

I started that book a while ago, (did we talk about this?) but just couldn't get myself into it before it was due back at the library. I guess I'll have to try again. And I am the same way when I find a book I love -- I just batten down the hatches and read read read.

I am so happy for you making Lifetime! Great job!!!! And you'll get to 165 easy. Just lay off the granola bars :) but I know how hard that one is......

Cheryl said...

Not sure how many books she'll have; this one ended with an obvious continuation to follow. Plus, it just came out (this last month), so, it probably won't be for a while.
The eyeball thing makes a lot of sense when you read the book. It was creepy to me at first, too, but now I think it's kind of cool.

If you end up not liking it, that's okay. :)

Jumbo Shrimp-
I'm glad you missed me! I needed to comment on your new names --it's gonna be hard to switch to the anonymous when referring to you, but I can do it! I promise. :)

Desi said...

Congrats on lifetime...that's awesome!

I really enjoyed the Twilight series books, but I wasn't sure if this one sounded good to me so I wasn't sure if I wanted to read it or not. Your review makes it sound good though so I may have to try it.

I admire your 500 posts, I want to make it my goal to post at least 5 times a week, but I always seem to busy to make that happen. Not to mention that you have such fun and interesting posts, that is also my goal is to make mine more fun to read. Anyway, here's to goals...

April J. said...

Congrats on Lifetime. That is very exciting.

I loved the Host too. For me it was hard to get into at first it is so different than Twilight.

Hope the fam feels better soon. It is miserable when half+ the family is not feeling well, although those are the days I put on movies for the kids and read for me!

Cristy said...

I love to overindulge in books AND movies! Unfortunately I"m a Mom so it happens rarely. But when I was home being sickpreggers and my Mom watched the kids... hello book land! I love to just devour the books till my brain is going to explode from staring at the pages for so long... Good for you!

rick & cheryl said...

Congrats on making lifetime. That is awesome. I loved The Host, too-better than Twilight Series for the same reasons. Hope your boys feel better.

Jeanette said...

Congrats on the lifetime. I've never done WW but after my sister has her baby in few weeks we are going to look into it.
I hope your boys are feeling better!
I have not read any of Meyer's books yet. I'll get to them eventually. I've heard so much about them that I think I already know the whole story...

Anonymous said...

Congrats on finally seeing the U2 movie! Oh, and for making lifetime at WW. That's pretty cool too, I guess. :)

tamrobot said...

We have Rock Band! You should come visit so we can play together.

Jared is really good on the drums, and I'm pretty good on guitar.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Ok, so I did miss your blogging this weekend...but I completely understand. I really want to read that book too, Stephanie rocketh! (yeah, it's not a word, but I'm using it anyway)

U2 must've been awesome, I love them. And Rock Band? Prepare for the overwhelming feeling of jealousness...WE OWN IT! Yeah, I am totally amazing on the guitar. And DH is really good on the drums. Sometimes we let the boys "sing" into the microphone too.

Congrats on Lifetime at WW, we all knew you could do it. Cheryl rocketh!

Amber said...

Congrats on lifetime. Very exciting and a great motivator!

You just site the reason why I don't allow myself to read. I get absolutely ADDICTED and can't get anything else done. That is how I was recently with the Twilight series. Until I finished all three books, everything was left undone.

I have been pondering taking The Host with me to Canada but the topic seemed a bit weird. But if you recommend it....

Richelle said...

I was wondering how the Host would be. I enjoyed the Twilight series, so I will have to check this out.
Congrats on the weight loss.

Cheryl said...

Thank you! If you liked Twilight, then you'll probably like this, but for very different reasons.

If you like Sci-Fi/romance/adventure, then you'll like this one! Of course, if you hate it, then it's not my fault. Blame your brain or something. :) Hey, and good luck with your own weight loss stuff! You're doing awesome...

You OWN it?! I am jealous. Yes, I am. But hey, I got to see U2, so now we're even. Sort of. :) Thank you for the congrats!

I could totally play bass or sing. Brandon's pretty good at all of it (maybe not the singing as much? Nah, he's good at it all!). We should come visit, shouldn't we?

As long as your priorities are straight, and I see that they are!

Yeah, Meyer's books are kind of iconic now, aren't they? They're still worth the read, though, even if you know the plot. Just be ready to feel 16 (with the Twilight series) and my advice? Let yourself feel 16, okay?

I'm glad you like it, too! Makes me feel validated. :) And thank you, my boys are actually doing better today!

I decided that the reason we are mothers are so we wouldn't waste away reading books and watching movies. Of course, if I didn't have children, I would have a job somewhere of some kind. So, nevermind.

april j.-
Thank you! And I'm glad you stuck with The Host. I hope you feel better soon! Pregnancy sickness and fatigue is not fun. Blah.

Read it! I think you'll be glad you did. Also, don't worry about posting a lot or posting a certain way --you blog for yourself and that should be the only thing that matters. Write about what's important to you! And just so you know, I read everything you post. I may not have time to comment every time, but I read it all. :)

The Motherboard said...

Thanks for the review of this book. I was wondering if it would be any good.
Rockband? I am jealous that you just got to play it! I have been brainwashing my kids to tell their Dad that all I want for my birthday is Rockband... We'll see if he believes them! I think that looks like a TON of fun!

I want to go see that U2 dealio big time bad. It sound fun!

WW lifetime... congrats! I have been thinking about joining... I just can't seem to shed those unwanted baby pounds... I have never struggled with my weight until #3, & #4 babies came along, and I can't seem to shed the pounds... the scale keeps going up not down... I think it must be broken (or else I need to cut out all that candy, pop and fast food?!)
I am glad to hear you had success with WW. I just may have to check into it now.

Jill said...

I missed you over the weekend, welcome back. I know I will be flogged for this, but I'm not really a fan the Twilight series. But, I am glad you liked her new book and have been asked about the new book, now I can say I know someone who read and enjoyed it! I hope your boys are better soon, and way to go on your WW lifetime goal, awesome! (I've slacked with running--gotta fix that!)

Cheryl said...

The Motherboard-
I hope you do join! It works so well --it really is an amazing program.
I think Rock Band might be a video game I wouldn't mind my kids having, either. I hope you get one!

Cheryl said...

Get running! You know you want to. :) I saw you are moving to Texas...Wow! That is so cool. I hope the packing and what-not (when the time comes) goes well for you!