Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Scary Future

This scares me. But, on the other hand, this scares me, too.

Personally, I'd rather not think about it this summer. Once Fall kicks in, I'll research like a nut, and choose the best platform. But how is that possible, when in my heart, I can't vote for either?


Ryan and Missy said...

I know the feeling! From the moment I first heard him speak, so many months ago, I got a funny feeling about McCain. I just don't trust the guy.

And Obama...I just don't know...

I know I should vote, but it doesn't seem right (for me) to choose either one.

I guess I have a lot of researching to do.

Amanda said...

I'm right there with you. It will be interesting to see who they each choose as running mates, but I really don't want to think about this right now.

Any chance you'll share your research so that I can just sit here and be lazy?

bythelbs said...

I'm still in denial that we have to re-elect a president this year. Not that I think we need George W. for the rest of our lives, but the choices right now...I'm really struggling.

Anonymous said...

First, take a long hard look at BOTH candidates. Research where they've stood in the past on issues close to you and where they say they stand now. If one candidate comes closer than the other, vote for that candidate. If neither candidate comes close to what your ideals are, don't vote at all.

In the end, it's your vote. If you really don't want to participate in the process because of the issues you have with the candidates, stay home and drink some hot cocoa.

Cheryl said...

Ummm... Thanks? I shouldn't feel weird about this, but I'm kind of offended that you're assuming I don't know how to vote. And you do so without leaving your name. It's just off.

Julie said...

I was not anonymous, but I was laughing at anonymous.

I have been squirming over this decision for several weeks now. My MIL is putting an Obama sign in her front yard (she's one of those really cute and fun Utah Democrats). I applaud her convictions, but just can't join in them. Yet McCain is not my guy, either. It's the first time since the 11th grade, when I first became excited about politics, (Joan Thompson, Cheryl? Her son is my neighbor!), that I do not want to vote for either candidate. Yet I can't sit home and drink hot cocoa. It doesn't seem civically responsible.

Cheryl said...

Exactly, Julie. Exactly!

Someone over at MMW said that it might be the first time he votes for a candidate based on the VP. I may have to agree with him. Because I've read Obama's platform word for word. That man scares the crap out of me.
McCain also scares the crap out of me, too, but for different reasons. I'll have to do a post later as to why they are both terrible, terrible candidates.

Loved Thompson's class. Loved it!!

Courtney N said...

I've never followed a primary so closely before... and I doubt many people have. I am going to vote and I think everyone should BUT they should vote based on the candidates platforms and they should research that closely. This is a very important election...the Democrats are split and a lot (not all) of Republicans think McCain is a moron. I look forward to see what happens in the end. : /

Im glad I got to come and visit you last night! I love you!

Candace said...

Why do I feel discouraged?
Why do the shadows come?
Why should my heart be lonely, and long for Heaven and home?

When Jesus is my portion
A constant friend is he
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know he watches me

I sing because I'm happy
I sing because I'm free
His eye is on the sparrow and\
I know He watches me.

Now, let's get: universal healthcare! Head Start! Out of Iraq! Proper healthcare for returning Vets! 0% homelessness! jobs for American citizens! WORLD PEACE! Let's do this America!

Cheryl said...

Love you, too! I was so glad to see you last night! Jealous of your trip to England, but happy to see you! :)

Dude. Good luck with that!

Jamie J said...

I'm with you--I don't like McCain but am not sure that I can vote for Obama either...I will take into serious consideration the VP that either of them choose and use that as a big deciding factor. I don't think I can just NOT vote because I believe that voting is our civic duty. What to do...

Ann said...

Cheryl, I love you! Nice comeback to Candace!

Also...I'm really scared for the next 4 years matter which guy wins. I know that for a couple of elections when my dad didn't feel right about supporting either candidate, he voted for his dad. Not that that does a whole lot of good, but I'm just saying it's an option.

ps...if you're still up, call me!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

So, since I can't vote for Romney, and I just can't muster a vote for McCain, I'm going for Obama. It's a lesser of two evils thing.
Although if Obama is forced to take Hilary as his VP, I'll be voting for Ann's grandpa instead. :)

Anonymous said...

I say, why vote for McCain when you can vote for Obama. He will get us out of Iraq a lot sooner than McCain. Plus he is almost exactly like hillary. In fact I support him more, because at least Obama wants to bring a better G.I. bill for our soldiers returning home.

However, it probably won't matter much because Bush is going to attack Iran soon, and then we will have another problem on our hands.

Cheryl said...

Because I've read Obama's platform word for word. He's scarier than McCain, bro. Yeah, a much better speaker, but so was Hitler. Doh! I did NOT just compare Obama to Hitler --only the fact that both were amazing speakers that united people to their individual causes. Obama is definitely not into genocide, but he's still powerfully influential!

And I have family that lived in Iraq this last year. We have firsthand knowledge of what's really going on. The Democrats can whine all they want, but good things have happened over there since we got there...

Cheryl said...

So, I've been thinking about it some more, and I decided I need to reserve the right to change my mind. As MotWB said, it's gonna have to be the lesser of the two evils thing or maybe, like Ann said, I'll need to write in a name.

Huh. Hard choices this year!

Christine said...

Holy cow - I could not concur more. I think the scariest part is that SO MANY of us feel this way. It's not the usual cut and dry kind of election as in years past. I have been so into the debates and the race this time around, but I finally had to take a break because it was so emotionally exhausting. I don't think not voting at all is an answer, but I think writing in a name could be an option - not that it would change things, but then we could atleast sleep at night knowing it wasn't our vote that put either one of them in office. Let's start a discussion about this - FUN!

Madsens said...

Kudos! I couldn't agree more with your stance. I absolutely loath McCain...I can't stand to hear his voice. Obama?? Powerful, but still scary. I feel like I have to vote - so that I have the right to complain when something doesn't go my way. I feel like if I stand back and don't cast a vote or write something in, then i have forfeited my right to complain - but that is just me.

I agree with your taking a break! We all need a break from this - i wish they would all take the summer off and go and read their own their own research and just make themselves better. They need to find out what American's REALLY want here when the election comes around in the Fall...that is wishful thinking :)

Janelle said...

Hey I fell of the wagon when Mitt bowed out. But, has anyone prayed about this? "Who would be better?" Only one person would know - and He knows the end from the beginning etc. This dilemma reminds me of a story of a young boy who asked which of all churches was right.

I may not agree with all of Candace's goals but at least she has some - and included Jesus.

Cheryl said...

Candace, I think, is a spammer; thus my response. But I could be wrong.

I think the answer to the question "Who Should I Vote For?" is gonna be the same as the answer to that young boy who asked which of the churches was right. i.e. "None of them." But dang, you are right. I remember having this conversation with you before, and it's true: If everyone would sincerely pray about who to vote for in every election, we would have wonderful leaders. But nobody does; they just vote their desires.
Very good point, Janelle. Very good point.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly the flaw of the U.S. system. We elect persons, and not party. Is it an Obama White House or is it a Democrat White House? We already saw Bush led the nation into the dump, and there is nothing we can do about it other than waiting for his 8 years to expire. That is just stupid. If a CEO is leading a company into the dump, we dump the CEO, but we are willing to sit in misery because of our stupid political system. The Brits are a lot smarter. With a vote of no confidence and there goes the Prime Minister. A nation should be able to move like that, especially with 300 million people's well-being at stake.
That being said, can Obama (or the Democrat) say no to Clinton? If they say no, they are playing with fire, and they are not looking at the party's interest, but their own prejudice.
This is the election math. Now Obama and McCain are running neck and neck. Clinton has 45% of Democrats support. Say Obama and McCain now have 100 votes each. When 10 Democrats jump the fence to vote for McCain because Clinton is not picked, the numbers are McCain 110 and Obama 90. That 10 votes turns into 20, that is 110-90=20. If Obama picks Clinton, people that don't like Clinton but like Obama will vote for Obama, and people that don't like Obama but like Clinton will also vote for Obama. It's that simple. When Clinton is not picked, Obama risks alienating that 45% of Democrats and risk the Democrat's chance of winning the White House. That would be the biggest mistake of the century, because Republicons will have picked the entire Supreme Court justices during the next 8 years.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Ok, I had a huge realization today. Maybe if you weren't planning to vote, you could just write in Romney's name! (I probably won't, but I was already planning to vote.) I think that's what you're supposed to do if you don't support either of the candidates. I could be totally wrong here, but didn't the early Saints write in the prophet J.S.'s name on their ballots? Not that I'm comparing Romney to JS, but you know...I just mean voting for someone you believe in.

Cheryl said...

Your comment made no sense to me. In theory, yes, but I lost you when you contradicted yourself by saying it's about the PERSON and then you basically blasted the Republican party, claiming Democrats need to win. I abhor hypocrisy, you know.

Julie said...

Cheryl, I applaud your allowance of anonymous ninny pants to leave comments on your blog.
Second, I've considered writing in a name, but I feel like it might be a cop out. And whose name to write in?
And if I do end up voting for McCain it will be for one reason only: Supreme Court Justices.
I'm glad Hillary dropped out finally so I can pay more attention again. I really do need to pay much much more attention.

Desi said...

Politics are pretty personal for me as they are for most people, but I thought I’d throw in my two cents. I was pretty devastated when John McCain won the nomination for the Republican Party. I believed in Mitt Romney so much so that I was at a local calling station the night before elections calling on his behalf. After that I considered jumping on the Obama bandwagon until I found out his view on partial birth abortion. I had heard the term partial birth abortion thrown around before and didn’t really think much about it. I just knew I was against abortion except for specific circumstances, but if you don’t know what it is I highly recommend you look into it ( I won’t describe it here because I literally had nightmares and cried for days over what I read when I found out exactly what the procedure entails. John McCain has voted against it in the past and still feels strongly against it and so he will be getting my vote for that reason. Just last October Obama voted against banning partial birth abortion. I know there are other important issues also, but I feel strongly enough about this one that I have to use my vote to get someone in office who will try and stop this from happening.

Ann said...

Maybe Desi has the right idea. Maybe we should all just look at specific topics/issues and whichever candidate comes closest to our opinions/stance on the issues we give the highest priority to...then vote for that candidate. It's obvious that neither of the candidates "have everything right." There are issues that I agree with both of them about and issues that I agree with neither of them about. So maybe I just need to choose the issues I feel most strong about and go with whichever candidate comes closest to my ideals in those issues. Like partial-birth abortion (or abortion at all) and same-sex marriage....I just can't see voting for someone who isn't actively trying to stop those things (no matter how much more charistmatic a speaker he is than the other guy).

Amber said...

Simple. Just live in blissful ignorance like this Canuck. :-)

Cheryl said...

Stop rubbing it in!! :)

FluffyChicky said...

I have three words to say:
Go Ron Paul!

Amanda said...

I am not a big fan of McCain, but he has my vote come November. I really don't understand the "Republicans" that don't like McCain, so they are going to vote for Obama. Seriously. It makes NO sense to me.

We've got to vote for the lesser of two evils. :)