Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Husband!

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous husband! He's 36 years young today. Last year, I wrote 35 reasons why I love him. This year, you're getting 36 random facts about him. Excited? You should be! 

1. He is scuba certified 
2. He grows a mustache every November for "Movember"
3. He's a classical pianist 
4. He can play the organ
5. He sings baritone and can read music really well
6. I've only seen him really cry four times in our marriage --our wedding and the birth of our first child were two of 'em. 
7. He was Valedictorian of his high school class (and only 17 years old).
8. He had a full-tuition scholarship at BYU
9. He loves spicy food. Really spicy. REALLY spicy. 
10. He served a mission to Australia (Perth)
11. Although he grew up in Southern California, he was born in Provo --yep! A BYU baby. 
12. He's lived in Texas and Sacramento, CA
13. He loves peanut butter M&M's
14. and Diet Coke
15. He loves ethnic foods --sushi, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Italian...
16. He hates fruit pies; cream or pumpkin are the only kinds he likes. 
17. He wrestled in high school
18. He received his MBA from Wharton, which is the #1 business school in the WORLD. I'm not kidding. When he got in, it was a dream-come-true for him. I was so proud of him (but not surprised)!
19. He has had a job since he was 12 years old (first job: paper boy)
20. He has legs of steel --he hikes and bikes like nobody's business!
21. He's probably BYU footballs biggest fan
22. He needs white noise or radio/tv in his ear to turn his brain off so he can sleep
23. Because he's a GENIUS. 
24. He can play the guitar
25. And the harmonica and the trombone and the didgeridoo!
26. He was named (his middle name) after his paternal grandfather who died of MS the year he was born
27. He doesn't mind flying for business, in fact, his frequent flying could be considered a hobby!
28. He's a really great swimmer 
29. He adores the beach --loves it. 
30. He has a talent for art (I wish he'd use it more) and can draw amazing things 
31. He was in student government in high school 
32. He understands MATH (and I don't. This is why I married him, so our children could have a chance!)
33. His hair used to be very blonde; it's darkened a lot as he's gotten older
34. He has had callings with the Young Men for the last 10 1/2 years and still going strong...
35. He used to catch squid on his mission to make his own calamari
36. He has literally traveled the world: Australia, Hawaii, Germany, England, Ireland, France, Israel, China, Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada, and several states all over the USA. (We love to travel!)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRANDON! You are the love of my life and I'm grateful you're around. Here's to at least 60 more years! 


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Happy Birthday Brandon!

Amanda D said...

Happy birthday, Brandon! I hope you get some diet coke and PB M&Ms today (those are among my favorites too!).

Courtney N said...

Happy birthday to an amazing guy!!

Chantelle said...

Am a couple days late (oops!) but Happy Birthday, Brandon! Hope you had a wonderful day. My hubby is a huge fan of PB M&M's too... But we can't get them over here without paying a ridiculous amount in import taxes! Bah. Humbug! :-)