Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday is a Special Day...

This morning the kids are doing chores and I'm not yelling. We're doing the time-race clean up. I set the timer, and we have X amount of time to get one room finished. Then we move onto the next one and so forth. I say "we," but really, they are the ones cleaning while I nurse the baby.

It's working. The reason it's working is because I don't do it every week. But I'm thrilled! Because it's working! It's working! The family room, the play room, the boys' room, and the downstairs bathroom are now all clean. The girls are starting on their room. It has taken them all less than one hour. LESS THAN ONE HOUR!

Ask me how long it took them last week. Ask. Seven hours, dear reader. SEVEN.

I wish the timer worked every time. But it doesn't. The irony is that there is no consequence today if they don't beat the timer. In fact, I don't know what would happen if they failed to get the work done before the timer goes off. They are in it to win it today, for some reason, enjoying the challenge (or something) and I'm lovin' it!


The fire screen is in place. It's beautiful, too, and baby is protected from more burns. His wounds are pretty gruesome, but they are healing well. He may have scars, though. Too early to tell. But they don't seem to be bothering him!


I am feeling content. Happy. I have a list a mile long of things I need to do, of course, as well as a running list of things that are breaking or falling apart, but those are just things. Life is good right now. List of random reasons:

1. We have it in the budget to purchase a new computer for the family (it took me 20 minutes to open up a blog address, copy the post, paste it in Word, and then print it. Twenty minutes. So slooooowwwwww. Huh. First world problems, eh?) as well as something for our mini-mudroom-entrance area.

2. Brandon and I went to the BYU Management Society annual gala dinner last night and hear Clayton Christensen speak. AMAZING. Simply amazing!

3. I look good in lipstick.

4. We have food in our fridge, water in our pipes, clothes in our closet, games in the cupboard, books on the shelves, shoes/coats on the floor, and the Spirit in our home right now.

5. I'm nursing a beautiful baby boy.

Happy Weekend, dear reader!


Tess Lamb said...

The timer thing sounds familiar, but I don't remember specific instances when we did it. One thing my mom did when we were REALLY cleaning (as today seems to be for you) was she would print an image of a prize we were going to get for our work (usually a movie) and then make it into a puzzle. Each piece would be hidden in rooms we had to clean and we found the pieces as we cleaned.

Anonymous said...

Would you send them over to my house? I wouldn't even mind if they took seven hours. I got nothing better to do.