Thursday, November 15, 2012

Paint, Population, Pureed, and P... something.

I am going to paint our front door. It's something I can control and change, so I shall do it! I'm thinking green or blue. Which would you pick? Navy blue or dark green, bright green or soft blue? Keep in mind that we have a white brick house and soffits (eaves?) with peeling white paint. Our porch is also covered with hideous green astro-turf. That, however, is a project for another day.


Our city is large. In fact, the population of Provo --according to the 2010 census -- is 112,488. You don't think that's large? It's enormous! Huge! Gargantuan! Of course, this is coming from a girl who was born in a thriving metropolis of around 10K (although as of 2010, it's 11,899), so take my shock with a grain of salt and the rolling of eyes.

But because of this size, chances are there are people who live in Provo that I will never meet. I will drive by them in my car, I may pass them on the river trail, I may see them in restaurants. But I will never meet them. In fact, there are people I have never met, and yet I read their blogs fairly faithfully, and they live 2 miles away from me (I guess. I'm not stalking them or anything! I promise!).

I was thinking more about it and I realized that my job keeps me from meeting a lot of people. I am in my house 85% of my time. When I venture out, it's to the store, the school, to drop off kids at soccer or piano or a friend's house. Sometimes it's for BYU events like basketball, football, a concert, or play. Most weeks it's to restaurants, and not enough, it's to the Temple. I associate the most with my neighbors and ward members. We serve each other, visit teach each other, exercise together, carpool and watch each other's children.

But those women who live a couple miles away, up there or down there or over there? I will never meet them. Those families I read about in the newspaper or online --they are as far away from me as if they lived in a different state.

I find that sad, and yet very interesting. That people could live their whole lives in the same city as small as ours and never meet. Although, geographically, Provo is actually pretty big. There maybe over 112K people, but they're spread out on 44.2 square miles. That's a lot of miles!

I just thought of something, though. I lived my whole live in a small farming town in Idaho and I never met a whole bunch of people. Maybe if I had lived in Firth, I would have met everyone. Maybe. (Population of Firth: 477)

You may wonder, dear reader, "why does she care about this?" and the answer is, "I really don't. It's just an observation I made and I find it interesting."


So. I've had my Blentec for a long time now, and just now I'm looking at the "pureed foods" recipe section of the book to make baby his own baby food. It's soooooo easy! Wish I had done this all along. High nutrition, zero dollars (since we buy the food, anyway), here we come!


We are going to get Hall trees! Or cubbies! Or something! See this photo? Well, it's basically our mudroom area. We only use the one entrance (because our carport door goes to the small laundry room which then goes through another door which takes you to the staircase landing), and so it's our coming/going place. We've had those hutches in the picture for the entire time we've been married. They have served us well. In one bottom shelf there are movies. In the other is piano music. I took out a shelf in the middle hutch and put up hooks for jackets/backpacks, and two bins for shoes (girls and boys). It has worked great for a while! But our kids are getting older. We have more of them going to school and all their stuff is bigger. It simply isn't working, anymore, and so when I told Brandon my idea, he agreed we need to revamp the whole thing.

My idea: two hall trees and leave the middle hutch, put photos on the wall. Or buy one hall tree and more shelving. Or buy two hall trees and shelving and get rid (i.e. move them to another room) the hutches.

Yeah, I'm not sure what we're gonna do, yet. Something, though. We're sick of tripping over shoes and gloves and hats and backpacks and boots and coats and, and, and... So it will be awesome! And hopefully soon! 


Becca said...

(re)position? ha ha

Sounds like fun (the whole thing - including the random population observation...)

Let's get together soon. Ya ya ya.

Raisin4Cookies said...

Why not try baby led weaning? You think blending veggies is easy; handing over a cooked broccoli tree for baby to gum is even easier! I only tried it with my fourth and it was the BEST thing I ever did with introducing solids. She's my best eater, too....