Monday, May 17, 2010


Guess what? Remember that fifth item in my give-a-way that is supposed to be way super cool (or something)? Well, it's gonna be this:

Huzzah! Thank you, TaLaisa, for the earrings! Whoever wins this thing tomorrow night is gonna be lovin' life, eh?

P.S. TaLaisa came to visit me today to bring the earrings. She also made me lunch and introduced me to this (hello, died and gone to heaven!). How lucky am I!?

P.P.S. Alison, I didn't ignore your message. I was pretty much gone all day Saturday. And instead of calling you back to tell you, I'm telling you in a blog post. Publicly. Because I obviously have problems. But telling you publicly that I love ya' is simply an opportunity I cannot pass up!

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Alison Wonderland said...

I didn't figure that you intentionally ignored it, I'm familiar with the bust life thing and not even a little bit offended. However, I did call so that makes it your turn.

Very cute ear rings.