Friday, May 14, 2010

Three Means No Reason

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The Unreasonable Three's have commenced. #4 is unreasonable in every way. He refuses to potty train. He refuses to cooperate in getting dressed, eating breakfast, eating lunch, eating dinner, putting on his shoes, picking up toys/books/garbage, holding hands when crossing the street, learning to put on his seat belt, leaving his toys in the car/home, staying home when siblings go to friends' houses, reading scriptures, brushing his teeth, going to bed, etc.

It's understandable. He's living in that frustrating part of his life when he's beginning to understand things, wants to make his own decisions, but doesn't want to give up the role of "baby" to the actual baby, and he's desperate to be loved. I lose my temper with him far more often than I should, though. I'm really trying hard to be patient with him and give him some breathing room. I mean, this is my fourth time going through this phase. I know it very, very well. But it still makes me tired! Good thing he's adorable.


Cute video of #5. Just because.


FoxyJ said...

Ugh--I am totally going through this with my little guy--he's turning four in two weeks. Not only is he three, but we've moved two times in the last year, we had a baby, and his only sibling started school full-time. He has been a grumpy little boy for the last six months. And I hear you on the refusal to potty train. I keep getting the impression that I just need to give him more positive interaction and more love. It's hard to remember that some times!

Alison Wonderland said...

I actully get most of the wanton destruction between 2 and 3 1/2 by the time my kids hit 4 it's usually slowed a bit. But good luck with that.

Cardalls said...

always have said that 3 is WAY harder than 2! Good luck!