Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Here I Go Again!

Not knowing equals stunted brain waves.

I can't think ahead. I can't plan. And for a born-with-it planner, this is pure torture at times. Torture, I tell you!
Halloween? Easy. We'll be here.
Thanksgiving? We'll probably be here. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe.
Christmas? Ack! I have no idea!!
January? Stop it! Stop it! Get me a paper bag, I'm gonna pass out!

We could move. We could easily move to Northern California or Southern California or Seattle or...well, that's probably it. We could also stay. Easily stay.
We just don't know. You know?

Irony: I've done this two other times. This is the third. Third time's a charm, right? It's easier, right?

Michelle W. told me on the phone: So, are you gonna freak out later, since you're all calm now?
me: Nah. I'm doing good! No freak-outs from me!

Michelle W.? This is me. Freaking out. A little bit.


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I'll love you wherever you go. Or don't go. Or go...Aak! Now I'm freaking out! ;)

FoxyJ said...

I'm totally a planner too, which is part of why buying a house is so stressful. Besides the stupid back-and-forth with the bank (still happening) I feel paralyzed because I don't know when we'll be moving and I can't plan anything. Granted, we're only moving a few blocks away, but it's a different ward and we'll be doing a lot of rearranging and stuff when we get in there. Good luck--I have done the limbo/moving thing a few times and it always sucks.

Anonymous said...


Annette Lyon said...

You were so dang calm, I was wondering if you were human.

Now I see you're normal.

Melissa said...

Oooh, Southern CA is in the running? That's my vote! The beach is good for the soul.

Sarah and James Wagner said...

Well if you did have to move...I would love it if you guys moved to seattle~~

Cristy said...

Yes, welcome to me end of summer! It's good when you finally make a decision and can PLAN! It's not knowing that's the hardest for us ladies for sure. Good luck with that!

TaLaisa said...

I'm a born planner too. Not knowing is the hardest thing.

But, I survived a great long period of not knowing (during the great unemployment of 2008-09) and learned that Heavenly Father loves me enough to allow me to think I'm helping by planning stuff when it really goes His way anyway.

And sometimes He even lets me be right on with the plans so I can feel success. And other times when my plans go awry, he comforts me by letting me feel that my plan wasn't enough for what he had in store for me anyway. But the planning was just part of keeping me busy trying.

Plan away. And then trust that the best plan is often one we'd never make for ourselves.

love you!

Kara said...

North Carolina is great!!!! we lived there for a while, the water is so much warmer than california. I hope things work out for you guys.

Rachel and Nathan Fisher said...

What, no Boston? Come on!
Actually, Nate wants to know what kind of work Brandon is looking for ... he has some ideas (that may or may not require a move ...). If you're interested email me :)
Love you!

Yours Truly said...

The east bay is whispering, can you hear it "this is your chance, return, return." I hear it. I hear it for you.

flip flop mama said...

It's totally ok to freak out! Not knowing is hard for me too...