Monday, October 26, 2009

My life over the weekend and stuff and whatever, blah, blah, whoo-hoo...

Sometimes I think it would be easier to just give up.
I asked Brandon about this the other night. We were hangin' out at Velour to see Brandon's childhood/teen-hood buddy Cary Judd play (who rocks, btw!) and I asked him:

Me: Do you ever think it would be easier to just stop doing all Church stuff? Just go with the flow? Drink the coffee, skip church, you know...just give up?

B: No.

Me: You've never thought about it?

B: Nope. Church is easy.

Me: What do you mean?

B: It's easy to do Church.

Me: So, you've never felt the pull professionally to do any of those things? Go drinking with the guys or whatever?

B: Nope. Church makes it easy not to. You don't waste your money on stuff that makes you puke and wake up with a headache. You have a built-in support system. You've got guidance. It's easy.

Me: Good point.

[And just to be clear: I don't doubt my faith. Nor do I judge those who don't believe in my faith. I was being philosophical and having a deep conversation with the hubby. Okay, okay --semi-deep.]

Three Football Games:
BYU, after beating OU and Tulane and feeling all good, was destroyed by FSU. *sniff

Provo High School lost their game to Timpview Friday night --for the 20th time in a row. Provo had won all of their games up to that point (or most of 'em) and had this star player --who was knocked out in the 1st quarter and taken to the hospital.

BYU had their homecoming game on Saturday and played against TCU. I was all despair-like as TCU kicked BYU in the head.

One Common Theme:
I was at all of those games!
I swear, I'm cursed. Or I curse football. Or something.

Although, my friend told me that her hubby has never been to a BYU or PHS game where they have won. NEVER. Not in 20 years. Now, that's cursed!

Can you believe Mika wouldn't go down that water slide on The Amazing Race last night!? That was INSANE. I mean, I have a very good healthy fear of heights (and spiders and tight spaces and puke and we'll stop there) but Holy Cow, girl! I still can't believe she didn't do it. So sad, so very, very sad...

We took the kids to get pumpkins tonight, and I had a great time watching them, their dad, and their grandpa carve them while I ate pizza (thanks to my FIL for the pictures):


Gio, Judi and Boys said...

Games were very sad...I left at half time from PHS and Gio left during the 4th qtr...after he left they made the touchdown...I told you!
It was fun to sit with you at the game and chat!!! We don't get to do that to often.
I love the pics of the pumpkin patch...and the kids...they are so dang cute.
Hope you have a great week!!!

Julie said...

I love how intense #1 looks with her carving. So cute!

Sucky about the games except that I don't really care much about BYU, or Provo fobthat matter. So my consolatioNs are solely as a friend, not a fellow fan. How's that for true friendship?! :)

I'm with Brandon. Church makes life easy...even though it sometimes makex it hard.

Kelly said...

But why doesn't Church make it easy to say no to Halloween Candy and french fries?

Amanda D said...

Cute pumpkins. Now we need to see them lit up!

And, I'm totally with Kelly. That would be awesome!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I love the pumpkin pics! And I was actually glad that Mika was a baby about the water slide, cuz I love the Globetrotters. :)

FluffyChicky said...

Love the pics!

Bummer about the football games.

Julie said...

You like Cary Judd too?! I went to several of his garage concerts in Phoenix when I was in high school. Crazy!! I love his music!

Cheryl said...

Julie W.-
Not only do we love his music, but we KNOW him. He grew up with Brandon; they were in the same ward for years and years... :) What a small world!

Becky, I have a cat said...

I'd like to toss in on the semi-deep philosophising. No judgements, just my experience. Yes, church was easy. For the support, the social network, etc. The hardest for me was keeping on the mask of belief when I realized that I no longer could buy into it. Hardest thing I've ever done was church when I felt like I wasn't being true to myself.

I'll agree, the nights out, drinking, finding a new group of friends, etc. It all can get expensive. But I know my limitations because I've pushed my own boundaries. I hate comparing something like drinking to exercise, but with both I've had times where I've pushed my limits. And I've paid for it and dealt with the consequences from both drinking hangovers and exercise making me so sore I can't walk the next day.

However, I feel like I better know myself because I've been there. And I now have the will power to turn something down. And I also can listen to my body and know if I should push for that extra mile. Yes I've done some admittedly stupid things, but I don't honestly know if I would have that awareness and self control if I'd just taken the route that was easy.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Again, not a judgement, just my my two cents from the other side of the fork in the road.

Alison Wonderland said...

Oh I've totally had that conversation, at least in my head, and I also went with "it's easier to go to church" but for me it ended up being about family. I don't even want to think about the grief I would get from my family if I quit the church. There's not amount of easier from not having the rules that would make up for that.

jendoop said...

We've had that conversation too. In the end reason won out for us too. The blessings are just too good, gravy baby! Besides, I'd really be confused and messed up without it.