Monday, June 29, 2009

Forgiveness, Mozy, and Scary Stuff

I totally forgot to tell you! I have a post up at Mormon Women. Click here to read it, and go leave your own comments about forgiveness --whether you've been forgiven, had to forgive, or are still trying to forgive (I'm in the last group).

Remember how I lost my Laptop? Well, it's definitely dead. Very dead-dead. Not likely to ever rise again. However, we are not too worried. Why?
We use Mozy.
Plus, my husband works for them (well, technically it's Decho, although more technically it's EMC, but get the idea).

And can I tell you how relieved I was about this? Every document and photo was saved from our hard-drive. In fact, three times in the last month I've had to retreive a document or photo (like ALL the photos of #1's Baptism!), and it was easy-cheesy. I just went to our account (our very secure account), and voila! I had them within seconds. The best part? Everything is documented by date (not sure if that's a Mozy thing or our thing...I'm thinking it was Mozy), and so it was a cinch to find.

Computers break down --but your stuff doesn't have to be lost! Go check out Mozy and see how easy (and inexpensive) it is to back-up your hard-drive (a couple of times a day) without even thinking about it!

Janelle just posted about a house fire in their old neighborhood. My good friend, Jan, was recently in a car accident with her three young girls in the car (they're okay, fyi). Cardall's BIL recently died (couple of weeks ago) in a freak police/taser accident (Cardall's has a private blog, but I'll let you know her name is Cheryl. Good name, eh?).

I'm sad about all this scary stuff. But I'm so grateful for prayer, faith, and friends who help out immediately. I hope I can be like that.


Annette Lyon said...

We recently signed up with Mozy. It's a big relief!

Alison Wonderland said...

I keep telling Sean about Mozy. One of these days I'm going to just do it myself.

The taser guy was my second cousin (I think (that's I think he's my mom's cousin's son, not I think that would make him my second cousin, I'm actually very good at seconds thirds, removes and what not.).)

Mozy Promotional Code said...

When I got my new laptop last year, I immediately installed Mozy. Once I saw how simple (and affordable) it was, I installed it on my wife's desktop and even my old desktop (for $4.95 / month, why not back-up my older files, too?).

I saved 20% by purchasing an annual plan and using a Mozy Promotional Code. It's one of the easiest backup services I've tried.

Cardalls said...

So Alison Wonderland who is your Mom? We are related somehow if you are related to Brian.

Cardalls said...

Oh and forgiveness is hard, it truly is opposite of what comes naturally, it's one that takes so much self control. Recently it's been much much harder. I've had to rely on the Atonement to make up for what I can't do right now.

flip flop mama said...

We back up with Carbonite, but I'm going to look into Mozy for next year to see if it's cheaper!