Monday, June 29, 2009

Prayer Request and More Baby Talk (Dude. I'm 35 weeks pregnant. What else would I talk about at this point?)

My good friend Julie is in Boston right now --she and her husband are there with their son awaiting his heart surgery (it's tomorrow). Could you please pray for them? Pray that their son will have a successful surgery and that everything will go smoothly? Their little guy is only 2 years old (wait. He's not 3 yet, is he Julie?), and so it's an overwhelming situation.
I love you, Jules!
I've been having crazy, crazy dreams lately. Here are a few:

1. I went to the hospital and gave birth to a little girl. And then I came home and gave birth to two boys. Obviously, I had triplets! And why I came home to deliver the last two while I was already at the hospital is beyond me (although it may have everything to do with this post).

2. I was at ward choir practice, and I started hemorrhaging. The choir director (a very nice lady) was very, very angry with me because I couldn't leave! I had to stay and accompany the choir! I saw that Brandon was there, and I turned to him for support and although he agreed we should probably go to the hospital, he was VERY put out --how dare I take him away from choir? He wanted to sing! And so I cried a lot because nobody cared I was bleeding and might lose the baby...

And I'll be honest: That second dream, although totally ridiculous, slapped me right in the face. When I woke up (it was just this last Friday night I had the dream), I did a complete 180 and decided to keep my ultrasound appointment.
I still hope I'm right and the doctors are idiots --and chances are it will be that way (in fact, chances are pretty high. See, I always get worked up about stuff "that is wrong!" and it turns out it's "not so bad." Like my asthma. Or my broken nose. Or my heart PVC's. Or my colds. Or my pregnancies, etc. I am seriously blessed with health, and I have no room to complain --because I have never had any serious life-threatening illness or injury. In fact, sometimes I would like for something to be serious just so my dramatic side can make it all dramatic-like and dramatic-y and I can be validated in that dramatic-ness. Morbid, eh? Yeah, I know) however --after that dream, and a few scary 30 minute intervals when I couldn't feel the baby move, I decided to just do it. Two things can come from it:
1. Everything is peachy-keen. I'm right (again). The doctors freak out too much so they won't get sued, and I sigh a lot.
2. Something is very wrong. Baby must be born right away. Baby is born, he's great, and life is good.

Either way, at least everyone will know, right?
My time is getting harder and harder to manage. Remember the post I wrote last week? The whole re prioritizing one? Yeah, well, I guess I'm not doing very well. I keep telling myself to just give myself a break --I'm completely exhausted and stressed and should be giving birth soon. Plus, everything is happening in July (used to be May! But no more --it's now July): family reunion, holidays, #1 being gone for almost two weeks with extended family (still worried about that one), Brandon going to London, house guests, blogging parties, starting work, etc. In fact, just this morning --and I'm being honest here --I kind of wished for the baby to be born today. Or tomorrow. Maybe by Friday? That way, I won't have to do anything this month.
See? Morbid. Or lazy. Probably both.
But at the same time, I really DON'T want the baby to come early (even if he is measuring 4 weeks ahead) because if I can get through July with the baby still inside, then I will get everything done. Finis! Brandon has finals on the 24th and 25th, and after that? A four-week break! Boo-yah! That would rock if I had the baby during that time. And since the due date isn't technically until August 2nd...

And it's true, you know --the things pregnant women say about the last month. It is HARD. It doesn't matter if it's your first or third or tenth kid --the last month is torture. I'm finally starting to swell (rings are getting harder to put on and off), my back aches, my pelvic ligaments are doing that jolting-giving-out thing, I'm HUGE (garments are even getting tight), I'm getting the comments from people at church ("Cheryl, when is that baby due!?!?" and "holy cow, Cheryl, isn't that baby here, yet?!"), I'm tired ALL THE TIME, my brain is complete mush, I'm forgetting all kinds of details about everything and forgetting to even call people, I'm panicky about having the house ready but have no energy to get it ready, and I cry over everything. Well, it's bawling, actually. I think I've bawled my eyes out four times or more in the last two days alone.
See why I wouldn't mind him coming early?

Anyway, ignore my rantings and ravings, dear reader. I'm sure they'll come in handy one day and be a part of this journal that I call a blog, but I really don't want to evoke any pity (or cancellation of events or assumptions that I'm out of my mind and can't help out or etc. things). So...instead, you should just...I know! Just answer these questions:

1. June or July?
2. If you've had a baby, did s/he come early, on time, late, or by induction?
3. Strawberries or blueberries?
4. Journey or U2?
5. Seattle or Texas?

That is all. Have a fabulous Monday!


Cheryl said...

And I'll start! (why not?):

1. June
2. 1st came on time (water broke), 2nd was induced 10 days late, 3rd was induced one week early, as was the 4th.
3. Blueberries
4. Toss-up. They both rock.
5. Seattle (I adore the rain!)

Cardalls said...

1. June...not so hot
2. 1st came on time, 2nd induced 1 week early, 3rd by c-section at 37 weeks as was the 4th.
3. Strawberries
4. U2
5. Seattle for greenery

Annette Lyon said...

For your sake, I hope June.

I've done both the induction and come on their own thing. My kids refuse to come on time. Between 4 kids, I've been pregnant not 36 months but about 40 . . .

Depends on my mood and how fresh they are. If they're FRESH, blueberries, hands down.

Journey, if I HAVE to pick.

Seattle. It's so pretty there. And I think I'd die from the humidity in Texas.

FoxyJ said...

1. I usually prefer June to July; right now I'm looking forward to the end of July and a trip to CA with my parents.

2. My first was almost a week late (c-section scheduling was tricky); second came at 37 weeks--by the way, now I feel bad for telling you my story since it seems to have triggered your dream.

3. blueberries cooked in things, strawberries fresh

4. U2

5. Definitely Seattle.

evitafjord said...

I have just been lurking around here for a few weeks since Google Reader recommended you but your Seattle/Texas question got me.

1. July. Sorry, but it's only 2 days away so I'm playing the odds.

2. #1 and #2 were about 2 weeks early, #3 was one week early, #4 was oh my gosh I can't remember - I think also about 2 weeks early, and #5 was a whole day late but he made it up to me by sleeping through the night as soon as we got home from the hospital.

3. Strawberries or frozen blueberries.

4. Neither but Journey if I'm forced to choose.

5. Seattle. I've done both, currently in Texas. Run, do not walk, to Seattle. It's more expensive (but not by much if you're talking big cities) but I'd still trade in half a heartbeat.

Amanda D said...

1. June - my birthday month. It's perfect. Although I do love July 4.
2. My oldest was three days earlier, induced because of low-fluid. My youngest was also induced, but three days late. Also because of low-fluid.

3. strawberries. Mmmm.
4. Neither. I'll take George Strait instead.
5. Seattle, I guess. I'm not a fan of heat so Texas is out for me.

I'm crossing my fingers that you'll get through the next few weeks feeling good, healthy and remembering things. love you!

hayngrl101 said...

My turn!

1. July. Because the month is already over anyway.

2. My first came early, my 2nd was induced and ended in a c-section, then subsequent chkidren (2) arrived by scheduled c-section.

3. Strawberries.

4. Neither.

5. Seattle, but only because it comes first alphabetically.

tamrobot said...

super excited about #1 being down here.

Laura said...

1. July.. I love the 4th!
2. She came two days late... I was going to be induced, but before they gave me anything, they saw I was having tiny contractions on my own and the baby's heart rate was dropping significantly, so within 30 min I was in the OR and had her by c-section.
4. U2
5. Texas isn't so bad as long as it's NOT May-October. But since you're asking me right now and I'm soooo miserably hot, my vote will go for Seattle.