Friday, June 26, 2009

Catch-Up Photos (May and June 2009)

#2 had a Theater Class performance on May 12th --she was Miss Muffet:

On a Saturday in May (was it in May? I can't even remember...) we met up with m&m and her kids at a park up a canyon:

On Memorial Day, we met up with Brandon's dad and went to Rock Canyon park to fly kites, watch #1 on her brand new Wave Board, and get some sun:

On May 28th, #3 graduated from Pre-school! This was the same pre-school #2 went to last year, and it was held in the same place (Mrs. P's backyard). The best part of this was the fact that our son, who absolutely refuses to do anything in front of anyone (Primary assignments are the worst) got up and sang everything with his class and had a great time doing it, too! It was awesome:

A few weeks ago, my Shasta daisies started to bloom. I took this picture around 9:30PM (it was pretty dark):

On June 20th, we went to Sliver Lake Flats (I wrote about it in my Father's Day post a few posts back). Here are some pictures of the gorgeous (although wet) adventure:


flip flop mama said...

Boogers had the same graduation caps! Love all the pics!

tamrobot said...

i love all the hoodies the kids are wearing. :)

Heather said...

your camping trip looks like something we would go enjoy up here in Seattle. Let it rain - if you are going to camp, camp... that's our credo anyway. :)

Michelle Walker said...

those are some good lookin' kids! Must have a good lookin' mama! *wink*