Friday, May 15, 2009

Let's add one more to the "wrong" list...

A virus attacked my laptop yesterday.

And it looks bad. Very bad.

I was an idiot and clicked on a link from a relative through Facebook. Yes, dear reader, another Facebook worm has been created, and you should all beware!
But I feel so stupid.
You NEVER click on links that don't have explanations. I know this! I know this! And yet, I didn't, because I did.

So, I'm using the downstairs computer for now. But because it's isolated in a separate room, the chances of me being online for a while will be limited. The laptop gave me the chance to be online whenever I wanted while still being a good mom (yeah, that doesn't sound right, does it?) because I could be anywhere! Laptops are nice that way.
But it's an old one. And the damage looks bad. So, I may be out of laptop, anyway. And since we're just rolling in the dough...(ha!)...chances of getting a new one are slim to none. Mostly none.

But this is okay! Because Brandon works for an online back-up company, and so everything on that laptop was backed up just a mere two hours before the virus attacked. And maybe I can take this as a sign that I should be on the computer less --or at least plan out a time each day to use it that won't interfere with my mothering "duties". Or something like that.

So...if you don't hear from me for a while (which sounds crazy since I haven't been commenting on anyone's blogs lately --for like a month!?!?), this is why. I promise I'll be around. Just not as around as I'm used to.
More sighing and sniffing from me.

Oh, and Alison? I totally get your grief now. So sorry!


Anonymous said...

FB is obviously evil. I think we should call for an immediate boycott. (Right after I beat all my friends at Chain Rxn.)

Annette Lyon said...


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

That totally sucks, sorry. :(

Amanda D said...

I've been thinking I need to be on the computer less too. I hope that it doesn't take a virus to make me do something about it. Darn the convenience of a laptop! But I'm making changes. Right now. As we speak....

Julie said...

What I am taking from this is that I must MUST get an online backup going! I've been thinking about it forever, but just haven't done it! Must! Do! It!

And I'll miss you.

Cristy said...

Sorry about the computer! Blah! I keep having these feelings like mine is weeks, months, away from crashing and I don't know what to do! No money for a new one!

And for the venting list, sounds like I could have written it! Similar week myself... I still can't believe you are handling everything with Brandon gone so much! Super woman for sure!

flip flop mama said...

No no the laptop!!

Alison Wonderland said...

Oh Cheryl, I'm so so sorry. Bravo on the backup though. We got everything off my hard drive too. Yahoo!

And yeah, the computer being chained down sucks.