Wednesday, May 20, 2009

AI: Final Two!!

Yeah, I'm still here. Sort of. But I couldn't not blog about American Idol! It's the last week? I can't stop on the last week!

My opines:
*The judges obviously want Adam to win. Big time.
*Kara's song wasn't that great. It didn't sound good with Adam's voice or Kris's voice (although I think Randy was right about it fitting Kris more --it was just too high and too fast and too many words and sounded like it was meant to be sung by Beyonce or Madonna or a country singer).
*Kris' first song was AWESOME! His second wasn't bad, either --I actually really liked it.
*My favorite of Adam's was also his first song. His second one showed off his amazing voice (holy cow, that boy can sing!), but I guess I didn't really get into it as much.
*At this point, it's up in the air. I have no idea who will win because they both deserve it and they both have humongous fan bases. Of course, Adam has been the most consistently good --but I adore Kris' style of music. So, honestly? If Kris wins, it'll be an upset. But I won't be depressed about it one bit, and I'll buy his music. If Adam wins? I'll just shrug and say "figures." And then buy all his music. And go to his concerts.

Side note: I had the craziest dream about Adam last night. I was young and unmarried and had no kids and for some reason, I had been on American Idol but was voted off earlier (although our stage looked slightly like a high school theater. Huh.). Adam decided I was the reason he was going to win because of all my fabulous advice to him throughout the season. He also decided he loved me. Cool! So, yeah, Adam and I were dating in the dream and he kissed me once, but it was weird because his mouth was so wide open and it was like he was trying to sing the kiss.
Told you it was weird.

So, what are your thoughts about last night? Did you vote? Who was your favorite?


Never A True Aggie said...

You are right Cheryl, that was a weird dream.

I am over Adam. I mean, he is a great singer and very theatrical, a true performer...but sometimes I am a little embarresed to watch.

I could see Kris winning, but you are right, Adam I think has had it in the bag for quite sometime. I actually think Kris will have more of a career, i.e. Daughtry (sp?).

All in all, I think this was the best season thus far. Some really good talent, especially in the last couple of weeks. I think they should do a show on people who have to write their own original songs and play them. I think that would be fun to see.

Oh, you are right about Kara's song. Lame. So not right for either guy. Why not let them pick from a bunch of songs, like a real artist does, and let them figure out their own vibe. Why push this lamo song on them?

Annette Lyon said...

It could very well be an upset. I think Danny's fan base may migrate to Kris. The top 2 were very, very close as it was. So it'll be close either way.

It'd be fun if Kris won, being the dark horse, but at the same time, Adam has sort of earned it.

Cardalls said...

Tried voting for Kris, never got through after 10 tries gave up.

Love Kris, but think Adam will win. Won't buy Adam's CD's or watch him perform, he creeps me out. WILL buy Kris CD' him and I agree he may be another Chris Daughtry.

Tamra said...

Whoever loses actually wins, because then they won't have to sing that piece-of-caca song Kara wrote over and over again. Seriously, whoever wins is gonna have to sing that song a lot - totally screwed. They're both probably praying right now that the other wins.

Anonymous said...

Where is it written that AI finale songs must be the lamest in the land? Where? Where?! So lame.

That dream is hilarious. "Sing the kiss"--love it, love it, love it.

I wasn't super excited about the finale at all. I didn't have any stand up and cheer moments. I don't care who wins. I can see them both being successful either way.

flip flop mama said...

I think Kris will have more of a mainstream career. I can see the AI people struggling to find songs for Adam that people will want to listen to over and over. I hope Kris wins but it doesn't really matter at this point. They both get contracts and will do just fine. I won't buy any of Adam's songs though. He creeps me out and I can't listen to that scream very much at all.

Julie said...

Last song of the night was an enormous letdown. Kara obviously wrote that for Danny, don't you think? I'm starting to understand why she was totally freaking out last week when he got eliminated.

Kris was really incredible last night and I was darn mad at the judges giving him the ol' "way to go getting this far but don't even think you have a chance of winning cuz' we've called this from the start and you already booted our other fave" crap.

I loved Adam, but I thought Mad World had lost its emotional connection this time around. I wish he would have chosen Ring of Fire instead.

I loved them both and will be thrilled with whoever wins but I do have to admit I only voted for Adam twice, while I probably voted 40 times for Kris.

Much more to say, but it's more verbal than written, so there ya go.

Finally, I think I would have liked to have been in that dream. As you. Just sayin' ........

Julie said...

Okay, a few more things, my kids LOVE Adam. Is that hilarious? Even Brigham knows the words to Ring of Fire. I have downloaded way more songs this season than ever before and most of them have stood the test of playing them a gazillion times. One that is starting to wear thin, though, is Matt Giraud's Let's Get it On. I loved the performance, but his falsetto riffs really get annoying after a while (especially now that we know how a falsetto riff is supposed to sound (thank you, Adam).
My faves of the season are
Mad World
Tracks of My Tears
Falling Slowly
Someone to Watch Over Me
To Make You Feel My Love
Ring of Fire
Don't Speak
Ain't No Sunshine

I have to agree with NATA, this was a really outstanding season -- on par, at least, with last season. I liked the styles of this season's contestants more than last year (Jason Castro excluded), though. After crappy seasons 5 & 6, these were really nice back to back awesome seasons. Adam really cranked it up for all of us, too, I think (love him or hate him, he got everybody talking about AI again).

Anyway, I think the finale tonight will be really fun and I wish Jason Mraz would duet with Kris. Also, I would love to hear Kris rearrange Bittersweet Symphony -- don't you think that would be a rad song for him to sing? I've been thinking about it all week. Weird, I know, but not as weird and kissing Adam dreams.... ;) Like I said before, I wouldn't mind being in that dream. I have a Steven Tyler big mouth fetish thing that is a little unhealthy.

Susan M said...

I thought it was funny that Simon complained about the simple acoustic setting Kris chose for his second song. Simon obviously doesn't get Kris's market at all.

Never A True Aggie: There was a show for people who write their own stuff, it was called America's Greatest Band, or something like that. For bands, not solo artists, though. They did play original music however.