Thursday, May 21, 2009

AI: Finale!

Well, well, well. Wasn't that fun?

I'm not going to take the time to critique the performances I didn't like, but I wish --oh, how I wish! --that Jason Mraz had more face-time. And that nobody sang with him.

The rest of the stuff was cool (although Megan and what's-his-name totally screwed up Steve Martin's song --I felt bad for Steve!).

I have to admit, I was surprised Kris won over Adam --but I'm also aware that Adam didn't really care. He's an actor, and so he could have been faking it, but I think he was sincerely okay with not winning (unlike his parents. Or Simon! Ha!).

Anyway, it was a fabulous show, and other than the crazy schizophrenic camera angles all over the place (what is up with that? Why can't we just see their faces? We wanna watch the SINGERS--not cool weird angles that make us seasick, you know!), I wish I could have been there.
*Please note that Brandon hated the camera angles more than I did.

What did you think? Surprise? Elation? Let-down?


Michele said...

I LOVED Allison and Cyndi Lauper. I HATED having to listen to Megan again.
I already knew Kris was going to win (stupid thoughtless people on facebook) and I really enjoyed Kris' genuine shock at winning. The guest performances were great. (except KISS didn't thrill me. John kept asking me "Why does that guy keep sticking his tongue out like that?!) lol! Overall, great show and great ending. We all know Adams going to be a star anyway.

Annette Lyon said...

I loved all the guest stars. As far as the entertainment itself is concerned, it was the best finale show EVER (and I've seen all 8).

I had a sneaking suspicion that Kris might pull it out and win--I figured he'd get Danny's fan base behind him, and since people either love or hate Adam, it made sense that the dark horse might pull it out.

They'll both have fantastic careers, and if I ever get the chance, I'm totally going to see them in concert.

Lizzie said...

First off, I just have to say: I LOVE Kris's wife. I think she is cute beyond words, and she just seems like such the girl-next-door, I could totally picture her, like, being in my ward or something. And the honest love and adoration in her eyes everytime she watches her husband sing is just cute, cute cute! So, I totally loved the last two nights seeing her all dressed-up fancy, it was adorable!

So, I thought it was actually a pretty good show, annoying camera angles excluded. But you could totally tell who the producer's thought would win when they planned the finale. Let's see, for Kris's duet we get Keith Urban, some guitars and a couple of mic stands. For Adam's, we got KISS coming down from the sky, fireworks, a killer lights show, and pyrotechnics. Hmmmmm... it just didn't seem like the type of budget you waste on the runner-up.

(Michelle: You don't wanna know why that guy keeps sticking out his tongue. It's ... well, filthy.)

I was SUPER surprised that Kris won. I wanted him to win, but I didn't think he would. I agree that Adam seemed genuinely happy for Kris. Like Tamra said, Adam's the real winner because now he doesn't have to ding that AWFUL song and he can have his first single be something that's HIM. Poor Kris. I guarentee that, in that little moment where Adam said something to Kris and they both laughed, Adams was making fun of the fact that Kris had to perform that horrible thing AGAIN!

But the absolute BEST part of the night was the last shot of Kris hugging his wife like there was no tomorrow. So touching! It just warmed the cockles of my cold, dead heart.

Tamra said...

Poor Kris having to sing that song again. Although, I admit it didn't sound as bad when he sang it last night. I think I would've preferred Adam to win. You could tell Kris genuinely was shocked and really felt bad that he won. It seemed he really felt Adam deserved to win.

Lizzie said...

OH, and Cheryl, apparently your crazy AI dreams are contagious, because this is the one I had last night:

So, I was in this huge backstage area after the Finale. I guess I had been a contestant on the show that got voted off early (like in your dream), but I'm like friends with Adam and Kris and I was there helping out with all the craziness that happens after the show. I think this dream was influenced by a memory I had of David Archuleta saying last year that it's like chaos after the finale with interviews and parties and being pulled left and right, and that he was up all night and didn't go to sleep until sometime in the afternoon the next day. So, anyway, back to the dream, it's some time the next day after the finale, and everyone's been up all night. So first, I help Adam find a place to lay down and get some rest, just like a rollaway cot in a corner somewhere, and I had to figure out how to fold-up that crazy metal-shoulder-padded coat he was wearing with KISS, and we're joking about how he's lucky he didn't win because now he can get some sleep and Kris is still up and doing things. So, I tuck Adam in and he goes to sleep right away, so I go off to help Kris with whatever he needs (I'm just super helpful like that). So I find Kris,and he's trying to sort through a bunch of paperwork he's supposed to sign, so I start helping him organize, and we're talking and laughing and joking around, and we're both in that semi-drunk/semi-high state you get in when you haven't slept in a really long time and you're all hopped-up on adreneline. So, we're both totally goofy and out of it, and we're laughing, and all of a sudden he leans in to kiss me! But of course, I'm married, and he's married, so I dodge the kiss, and make some joke about how he's acting funny because he's so tired (You know, trying to laugh off the situation, because he's clearly not in his right mind, and I don't want to make him feel bad. I'm cool like that). So, awkward moment that it was, it passes, BUT, unbeknownst to us, some of his wife's friends were hanging around and saw the whole thing, and they think I'M the tramp, and they start talking trash about me and whispering about me behind my back. So for the rest of the day, they're giving me dirty looks and doing stupid girl things like 'accidentally' tripping me, or sending me on fake errands, junk like that. And Kris keeps looking at me all sympathetically because he knows it's all his fault, and I'm just trying to avoid looking at him altogether, because if his wife's friends catch us GAZING at each other, it's just gonna get worse. So, the non-climactic end is that Kris finally corners one of his wife's friends, explains the situation, and this group of snotty girls comes up and apologizes to me for being brats all day. The end.

Weird, huh?

Anonymous said...

I didn't care who won. The show was great, though. Loved it.

The highlight for me was, of course, Lionel Richie.

Julie said...

Lbs, You're kidding, right? Please?! Okay, I'll admit it was Danny's best moment of the season. And that he completely belongs in that genre of music.

I absolutely loved the whole finale (minus the fact that the "stars" sang solos -- this should be about the top 13! and duets only, please!).

Adam was absolutely stunning with Kiss. He put Gene Simmons to complete shame. He was utterly incredible and I LOVED how conservative he looked next to Kiss in their full makeup! I heart Adam. Completely.

Kris. Beautiful, talented Kris. He was great with Keith Urban. In fact, he was more charming than Keith Urban and sang really beautifully. And it fit his laid back style great -- but wasn't it weird they paired him with a country singer? I mean, when has he ever been a country singer or even close to it? Not even on country night! Weird but still great to watch.

I thought this was the best finale ever on Idol. It was entertaining from beginning to end and when Ryan said it was time for results, I was kinda sad it was all over. But I was really happy for Kris. I love genuine surprise. His "I'm sorry, Adam deserves this." Was so priceless and sweet. I hope people recognize he won based on his incredible abilities and unique style, not because Adam is gay. Kris deserves better than that.

My other favorite part of the night was seeing how genuinely fond of one another Kris & Adam are. So cool and real.

Rumor has it that Adam painted Kris' thumbnail (remember that?) and took the polish off his thumbnail as a show of solidarity (I think the quote was "If you can carry a piece of me around, I can carry one of you." Love cute things like that.

I loved both of these guys beyond words. I thought they were real, talented, different, and best of all, true to themselves. They never seemed to go through the Idol makeover machine -- they came who they were and they left the same way.

I'm planning on buying both of their albums and would LOVE to see them in concert.

Anyway, best finale ever. It was awesome and the look on Simon's face was hilarious. I love when he's wrong. It makes me feel empowered that we viewers really do have the final say -- from 27 total seconds of screen time for the first 2 months of the show to the winner! Go KRIS! And Adam! Love them both!

And why am I not having these dreams?

Julie said...

Oh, and since I haven't said enough already -- Allsion + Cydi Lauper = stunning. I hope we can download that one.

TaLaisa said...

What's crazy?? I didn't DVR it last night, where was my head?! I did see the last 5 minutes. I like them both, a LOT so it didn't matter to me who got the 'title'.

What's crazier?? I turned to it on Tuesday night and wasn't loving the final song at all so I switched the channel, my husband complained and made me turn it back. Hello, I didn't know he was even interested. Lol. And then his friend sent him a text 'vote for Adam'.

That was weird.

I would love to have your dream Cheryl.

Julie said...

Tay --- YOU ARE CARAZAY!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Julie, who said anything about Danny Gokey? Let's focus here. Lionel. It's all about Lionel.

Julie said...

I can't help it -- they're one in the same....except that Lionel is, like, 700 times cooler and more legitimate! :)

My favorite quote of all AI history:
Kris telling what exchange happened between he and Adam after Ryan announced the winner -

“Seriously, Adam hugged me and goes, ‘You have to sing that song now.’ I was like ‘Ohhhh gosh!’” Kris said of the moment. “I was like ‘OK, just sing it!’ I thought it went OK.”


Nancy said...

I have to admit I was a little letdown when Danny Gokey was voted off. However, I'd like to think that American Idol is a representation of society on a new twist: the married Christian wins. Also, I am wondering if the American Idol audience just is not made up of hard rockers. Adam was a hard rocker way more than Bo Bice and he didn't win either. Sure, an occasional rock song can be enjoyed by the masses but a true hard rocker? That should be fairly telling to the American Idol judges. I really liked Adam's voice when he didn't scream hard rock.