Thursday, May 21, 2009

Consequences of Causing a Dang Virus to Download onto my Dang Laptop

Oh, dear reader. It's amazing what can happen to a person when suddenly she is forced to face consequences of clicking on a stupid virus thing.
(Feel free now to compare this to other parts of life and think about your own viruses you "click on" and "cause" and "all that jazz.")

Here are the said consequences:
*Only being able to blog twice in one week (well, this is the third) without having been on vacation.
*Losing all information needed for your calling as the Neighborhood Newsletter editor, because every other computer in your house does not have the software needed to create said Newsletter. Thus, you are forced to figure out how to get the four page bi-weekly newsletter out on time.
*Spending 5 hours at your Visiting Teacher's house (who rocks the world) with the original CD and a clean slate --re-writing and re-formatting the entire newsletter that usually only takes you a couple of hours (and over the course of a week).
*Hiring a babysitter so you could spend 5 hours at your VT's house.
*Seeing that even though you cut down your blog subscriptions in half back in January, after one week of not reading, there are 127 blog posts to read. So you "mark all as read" and feel guilty.
*Having everything happen in one week: Choir concerts, music rehearsals for a funeral, birthday parties for friends, preschool field trips, etc. and yet still having to get that newsletter out.
*Realizing you aren't ready for your Critique Group tonight and panicking because you really wanted something to be ready.
*Having more panic because you wanted to actually work on the novel for your Critique group all month but your time has been spent doing other awesome things.
*Not having the time to work on the thing you want to work on the absolute most (
*Feeling guilty because your genius-of-a-husband doesn't have time to fix your laptop, but he still keeps trying.
*Realizing that even though all this has forced you to live an actual life (instead of a fake one online? Wait --that's not what we're doing! Are we?), you really miss your friends online, and you feel awful that half of your emails aren't even read for 24 hours. Because you are used to replying immediately to emails. But now you have no time! The computer is in the office in the basement and you can't be in there for hours and hours --you must be a mother! And take care of the house! And be accessible to people! And with the laptop you could DO IT ALL. But no longer can you do it all. And so you feel guilt, and sadness, and more sadness.

So, dear reader, I apologize for my constant absence in your blogging lives. I apologize my posts are inconsistent. I honestly cannot tell you if this is going to be the new routine for me, or if I will be able to go back to what it was like before. I mean, I am having a baby in 10 weeks, and that will throw in an entire new wrench. However, this blog is my scrapbook and my journal --I know I could never give it up, nor could I ignore it for very long. Still, my lack of commenting on your blog, dear reader, sends me immense guilt. I've tried to get rid of it, but I can't. And yet, I can't go back to the commenting the way I did. And I realize that it may mean readers stop reading me and commenting here. This doesn't alleviate the guilt, but it does help me to realize that as much as I adore comments and readership --it's not the most important thing in the world, you know?
You understand.


Julie said...

Totally. No biggie. Live.

Annette Lyon said...

We understand. Scary, really, how dependent we get on these contraptions.

Amanda D said...

Don't worry about not commenting on my blog. Nothing exciting happening there. My kids wouldn't ride their bikes and now they are. That's about all.

Good luck with your newsletter and your critique group. Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about your laptop. That totally sucks. :(

If it's any consolation, you're not missing anything on my blog. :)

flip flop mama said...

Sorry about your laptop. DH broke ours this week too so I've been forced to use the dreaded desktop. That has drastically decreased my internet time too. Although that's good in some ways, I really miss it.

Michelle Walker said...

It's ok Cheryl. I have discovered I have a blog that quite a lot of people read, but are too embarrassed/ashamed to comment on and/or follow. I'm chalking it up to me having cuter kids. Anyway, I will always post, even if you fade into virtual oblivion. Take care!!!