Thursday, May 14, 2009

Venting. Again.

All the stuff going wrong in my life right now:
1. Peeing every time I sneeze.
2. Writer's block
3. Needing more sleep but not getting any because my children don't nap anymore.
4. Dinner's block (you know, never knowing what to make for dinner!)
5. Children destroying the house minutes after we've cleaned it. Every. Day.
6. Needing a sprinkler guy to come fix the sprinklers but scared to call because of how much money it will cost
7. Being asked to sub in Primary week after week and getting tired of it (okay, so it was just for two weeks --but I'm already tired of it!).
8. Realizing how many people actually ignore my emails. On purpose.
9. Dealing with family issues that are all "issue-y" and "family-y".
10. Frustrated because I want to do things I can't seem to do (or don't have time to do, or don't have the skills to do, or don't have the energy to do): plant a garden, plant my flowers, mow the lawn myself (it's expensive even to pay the neighbor boy!), fix the sprinklers myself, go hiking, go camping, exercise, fix the house (windows, soffets, painting, carpet, etc.), get everything ready for the baby (go through clothes, buy any needed ones, put up the bassinet, etc.), move to Connecticut or England or California, plant fruit trees, learn to can, fill my food storage, buy a clothesline for the laundry, and start commenting on all of my friends' blogs again.

Things that are going right:
1. The baby is healthy!
2. Writer's block on my novel hasn't equated writer's block on my blog
3. Realizing that I still have energy even without much sleep!
4. Having food to make dinner.
5. The kids are healthy, well-fed, happy, and are thrilled with their mother now that she lets them play in the mud, climb trees, build forts in the bushes, and eat outside. And they know how to clean up when it's time.
6. Having a lawn the kids can play on.
7. Those darned kids in Primary are adorable!
8. Having email
9. Having a family to have issues with!
10. Realizing that half of that stuff I really CAN do, but I don't have to do it this minute. And then realizing I can let the rest of it go...for now. Although the moving part is obviously not gonna happen soon (or even ever?)!

And you?


Julie P said...

Good attitude, Cheryl, looking for the positive. I need to take a lesson from you today!!

earlfam said...

Dinner block! I'm going to be sharing that one.

bythelbs said...

I can sneeze pee-free. I'm good.

I've got a chronic case of DB, though. We should compare notes--maybe we can inspire each other.

Annette Lyon said...

In case I'm one of the guilty one--I'm not ignoring your e-mail. It's starred and waiting for me to get to it when I have time to answer the questions coherently.

Cheryl said...

Ha! Annette, no --it wasn't you. :)

Amanda D said...

I'm with Julie...way to look at the positive.

For me, the bad thing is that I can't get myself motivated to do anything but sit on the couch with the computer in my lap.

The good thing is that there is no school tomorrow and I can't wait. We're going to the temple to walk the grounds. Oh! And there is NO rain in the 10 day forecast. I think that's a miracle.

Cardalls said...

Bad? 100 degrees and my very active 3 year old can't ride his bike like he wants to and so he goes STIR CRAZY. House is a mess (see good)

Good? Forces me to play with him and keep him entertained, even pulled out the paint and play dough and played with him. (thus why house is a mess)

Julie said...

I'm not pregnant and pee when I sneeze.

And I've been suffering from Dinner's Block for about a month now. Okay, who am I kidding, like 9 months. PB&J: not just for lunch anymore.

Annette Lyon said...

Oh, good. :)

Ryan and Missy- said...

I'm not ignoring your email either! It's saved in my inbox. These last two weeks of school are CRAZY,so I'm waiting until all the projects are done and finals are taken before I sit down to respond. Just so you know :)

madhousewife said...

Stuff going right: Chocolate cake. Also, donuts. Also, brownies. Also, potato chips.

Fisher Family said...

You should call me... I can help you do all that stuff! Even the sprinklers... well, Steve could help you!

tankinggamer said...

Continue your fight for good. There are people on your side you don't know just yet. And love the stories, they inspire me to continue my search for my other.
"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, and always with the same person." - Mignon McLaughlin
I'll continue to keep saying this to myself, and though I am only 20 years old, I think you understand what I'm going through. Be strong, be healthy, never give in.

tankinggamer said...

>.< Shows you where my mind is at. I met 21 years old jeez. My great great grandmother passed last night and I'm blogging my stress away.