Wednesday, May 13, 2009

AI: Danny and Kris? Or Adam and Kris? Or Danny and Adam?

Let's Find Out!

*I want to see Night at The Museum! And the sketch at the beginning wasn't as annoying as it could have been. Huh.

*OOH! Kevin Bacon is in the audience!

*88 million votes!? Wha? I'm telling you, the fact that I don't vote is just fine, people. Just fine.

*I heard Kara won't be on the show next year. And you know what? I'm kind of glad.

*The Ford Video reminded me of A-Ha videos. Or at least the "Take On Me" one.

*I love hearing this kid sing --his accent is adorable! You know, my cousin is in the process of adopting a son from Ethiopia. The legalities have taken forever, and they have had to wait since October (?) for the paperwork to go through so they can fly out there to pick him up. Seeing this boy from Rwanda makes me sad it's taking so long for my cousins to get their son, but at the same time, it makes me so happy because I know they will get him soon! And when they do, it will be a beautiful reunion.

*Jordin Sparks: Her looks have improved drastically, she's got some pipes, but overall...? Meh. Just not my kind of music, I guess.

*Katie Perry? Dude. I saw an interview with her once, and she drove me INSANE. She's got a great voice, but man...? Blech.
Umm...ya think she likes Adam Lambert?
And her outfit is gross. Is it wrong I'm not lovin' Katie Perry?

*Hooray for Kris!!!

*Hooray for Adam!!!

*Kris and Adam just makes sense, you know --Danny is good, but not as good as they are (although I predicted, back before Hollywood week was even over that Danny would make it to the Top 5. No, really! I did! Didn't I? Well, I remember thinking it, at least...).

What did you think?


Sara said...

i'd love to see kris win it ... that would be such a cool "underdog" type upset. :)
plus he's just SO CUTE!

so who are the judges next season? i thought i heard rumor that simon was leaving too?

Julie said...

Mark my words: they'll all be back. (The judges)

Sorry about the whole "ruined the suspense thing."

Yay!!! Kris and Adam!

Danny got where he did because of his early season hype. He's a nice guy, though, and I'm glad he's going home.

Katy Perry's bum was seriously freaking me out. And I sort of loved the Adam shout out. I thought it was bold and funny. But I'm not a fan of hers.

I thought Jordin was great. Holy cow, though, I forgot what an Amazon woman she is.

Well, it's going to be a really awesome finale next week!!!! WOOT!

Cardalls said...

How many times could Jordin sing. A Battlefied?" I'm not a big fan. Katy Perry...blech!

Go Kris! I would buy his CD..can't wait for next week it will be a GREAT finale!

My parents are on their 3rd mission to Ghana and I always want them to bring the kiddies home that I see in pictures. They are so beautiful!

Susan M said...

That Jordin Sparks song was horrible. Almost as bad as Katy Perry's.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that whole battlefield/armor thing was so beyond lame, but Jordin looked awesome.

We were watching with my 3 year old, who when she saw Katy Perry said, "OK, that is the freakest person I ever seed before." She obviously missed the Lady GaGa episode, but I still saw her point.

Yay for Kris! And Adam.

flip flop mama said...

Katie Perry was horrible! The only time she actually sounded decent was when the back up singers were drowning her out. I liked the sound of the Jordin Sparks song, but the words, eh. I was really surprised that Simon said, "No one would have predicted this when they announced the final two." I had it pegged a Kris and Adam finale like 6 weeks ago. I'm not sure why they haven't given Kris the credit he deserves. He's been a strong contender from the start. I bought 5 of his songs on iTunes last night.

Oh and I totally thought about the Take on Me video when they were doing their Ford commercial too.

Julie said...

Amen, Flip!

flip flop mama said...

Thanks Julie!