Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I have so many things to blog about; so much information to share with you. My head is swimming with all kinds of blog post topics, but I don't have the time or energy to sit and write and write and write (although that would be bliss, I'm tellin' ya. Pure bliss! Well, only if chocolate was somehow involved. And a massage.), so I bring you my Top Ten Things Cheryl Needs to Tell You, Dear Reader. Hooray! Here they are in no particular order:
  1. My soldier brother told us on Sunday that his wife is expecting their second child. Whoo-hoo! This is good, because babies are good. Love babies!
  2. The Amazing Race 13 is starting Sept. 28th! I adore this show. Love it. Crave it. Want to be on it. Probably never will. Am okay with that. Sort of.
  3. #1 and #2 started school! I'll show you pictures later (bad ones, because I ran out of batteries in my camera both times and the poor girls didn't have time for a nice photo shoot. I'm thinking I'll just have to do one in the backyard one of these days).
  4. I'm exhausted. Incredibly exhausted. In the last three days, I've taken two naps. Two! This is unheard of! I never have to nap! I'm not sure why I'm so tired, but I'm hoping it passes soon.
  5. I never told you what calling Brandon and I had been given, did I? Man, that was a while ago. We are the Chairman over our ward's yearly Neighborhood Picnic. Basically, imagine a small town carnival/fair for about 400 people with pies, hamburgers, corn on the cob, music, displays, cotton candy, a car show, hay rides, volleyball, carnival games, etc. etc. and so forth, and you have our annual Neighborhood picnic. Well, the pace just kicked into overdrive last night, seeing as it's in three weeks. AHHHH! And when it's over? I will go back to being calling-less.
  6. BYU Football. Starts. Saturday. I will be there! Will you? GO COUGARS!
  7. I love Autumn. Fall. The passing of summer into winter; the changing of the leaves and the scent of cinnamon and pumpkin. Honestly? It's my favorite season. And I can tell it's going to come within the next month or so because I can feel it on my skin as I'm walking around at 6:15AM (so early). Also, I looked at a calendar. *snort
  8. I took the boys to Target this morning after making sure the girls were off to school okay. I was going with the intent to find and purchase the Ped-Egg. I couldn't find it. Anywhere! I almost asked a worker, but I had scoured the entire Beauty and Prescription Drug sections, and it was most definitely not there. My heels are sad. Very sad. Maybe I could order one online?
  9. I'm going on a vacation, dear reader. I know, I know. I'm always on vacation. Always! I know! But this time it's nice because it's a weekend with Brandon. Yes! A weekend with Brandon! We leave in a few weeks, and we will have two entire days to ourselves. No weddings, funerals, or family reunions. No children, strict schedules, or deadlines. I like these weekends with Brandon. We deserve them, too, you know! Everyone deserves a weekend with their hubby sans kids.
  10. Most married couples have a song, and we are no different, my crazy Brandon and I. Our song is "To Make You Feel My Love" by Bob Dylan, as performed by Garth Brooks (yes, we are Garth fans). Trisha Yearwood sang a version, but I never liked it. Kelly Clarkson does an annoying rendition. Bob Dylan's version (officially the "real" version, since he's the composer) never sat well with me. But this week, I found a version I fell in love with --madly, too. Since I can't upload YouTube videos to my blog directly, you'll have to go hear it/see it for yourself. Here's the link. Tell me what you think.

That is all.


Desi said...

Like you I have so many things that I want to go back and post about. I just have to find the time!

I have to be honest, I'm not a fan of that version of "To Make You Feel My Love". I first heard it from Garth and that is by far my favorite! Isn't music great how it can take you right back to a place and time. Come to think of it that hasn't always been great depending on what it was reminding me of. :)

Good luck with getting the neighborhood picnic planned. It sounds like a lot to do in a little amount of time.


Go Cougars! I like that version of the song. I have other music by Adele and it's also great.

Anonymous said...

The Ped Egg is not in the health and beauty section as one would expect. It's actually in an "As Seen on TV" little section on in endcap. In my Target I think it's on an endcap down an aisle of housewares maybe? It's there, I tell you!

Amber said...

You and I are like soooooo in tune. Just yesterday I was thinking I needed to go on CBS's Web site to see if there was a new season for The Amazing Race. Did I tell you I once applied? Yeah, rejected due to my Canuckian roots. Terrible.

Cheryl said...

This is true --I've missed your posts! And you have to tell us about your vacation and stuff...And no worries about the song. Everyone has different tastes in music, right?

Hey! So good to see you around here again. Glad you are still a loyal Cougar Fan. :)

Now you tell me! Dang! I guess I'll have to go back. Darn me for not asking an employee to send me in the right direction! Sigh.

I knew you were a fan! How could you not be?! And to be so prejudiced against you because your Candian? Wha? Not fair, dude. Not fair. Maybe you should start your own reality show and call it "The Amazing Canadian Goes Global" or something. I'd watch it!

Cardalls said...

Walgreens is where I got my Ped-Egg

Wishing I could go to the BYU game, but live TOO far away! Big time far away Cougar fans!

Have fun on your weekend with your hubby!

Our song is "I love the way you love me" by John Michael Montgomery==cheesy but true!

Ann said...

We're coming to the neighborhood picnic (probably)! Can't wait to see you!

And congrats to your bro.

And I saw the Ped Egg at Bed Bath and Beyond last time we were there.

And I'm jealous of your trip. I don't think we'll be doing one of those anytime soon seeing as Baby is a nurse-a-holic and she'll probably still want to nurse when she's 5! And by then I'll have another Baby anyway! Too bad for me!
Hopefully my day will come :)

Ann said...

Sorry, have to leave a ps.....I just watched your link. And sorry, I still like Garth's version BEST! Love that man (except for all the adultery and stuff).

Leslie said...

Yes...Cheryl...go to Walgreen to find the Ped-Egg. I just got mine there! I love it! Speaking of Love! I also love the Amazing Race and can't wait until it starts again! It's my fav. reality show ever!!! Happy vacationing - that is awesome! Yahoo for the baby on the way. BYU football...ah, the memories. I can't wait for fall...cuz it will start to feel like summer again instead of Hades. Happy back to school & Neighborhood picnic - man I wish I was in your ward! To Make You Feel My Love - really liked this version - very nice. I still like Garth's the best and yes...I L.O.V.E. that song!

Heather said...

I'd never heard of this Adele check, but I LOVED her rendition of this song. Wow. I'll keep my eye out for her.

Cristy said...

Ah Cheryl, never a dull moment! Glad you are keeping busy and I can't wait for the amazing race either! Best reality show ever!

Never A True Aggie said...

I just saw the Ped Egg at Bed Bath and Beyond when I was looking for my dryer lint doohicky thingy. Walgreens also has 'em. I totally want to be in Amazing Race. If the show is still on when my kids are about 12ish and can stay with grandma or aunts for like 3 months, I am Soooo In. Maybe they need an LDS edition?

Cheryl said...

never a true aggie-
YES! A Mormon edition of the Amazing Race would be so cool! I would totally be on it. And make Brandon do it with me. And humiliate ourselves by fighting with each other over silly tasks. Yes!

Well, busy actually can equate with dull, you know, but thank you! And I'm glad you're a fan of the Race. I think I'm gonna have to start a commentary on it like I did for American Idol last year.

I really love Adele's voice and just recently found her, too.

Ha! Hades. Well, AZ summers are some of the worst, eh? And you love the ped egg, too? Why do I feel like I'm the only one who hasn't gotten a ped egg? Is this true? Am I the only one?

Garth and adultry --Ha! Well, they claim they never did it, you know, so...
Dude, if she's still nursing at 5, I promise to come and slap you silly, okay? Okay. :)
And you better be at the picnic!

Walgreens isn't too far from here, and neither is Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I'll get that ped egg somehow!
John Michael Montgomery is cheesy, yes, but cheesy is a necessity when expressing marital love. Right? Right. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the Amazing Race, can't wait for it to start.

Love the Ped Egg. Got mine at Walgreen's.

LOVE Trisha Yearwood's version of To Make You Feel My Love. I also like Garth's version.

Jolene said...

Yeah for Amazing Race! (Totally want to do it, too embarrassed the I would be mean on tv.)

Yeah for kids back in school! (Lots of organizing going on over here i.e. throwing away toys while no witnesses are around)

Yeah for your new header! (love it)

Yeah for BYU football! (Have a small crush on Coach Mendenhall.)

Yeah for the Ped Egg! (got mine at Walgreens)

Yeah for Fall! (It comes in December around here - can't wait)

Julie P said...

BIG hearts for the Ped Egg. I'm pretty sure I have an extra one (box-less but unused) upstairs. Interested?

Cheryl said...

Yeah for all your yeah's! And I have a slight crush on Bronco, too. Shhh! Don't tell. :)

Julie P-
Only if that means I can come to your house to get it!

flip flop mama said...

I love the Brooks/Yearwood version of that song. One of my favorites.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Congrats on the new niece/nephew.

Amazing Race is one of my all-time faves! I'd love to read your commentary on it. I've always dreamed of being on it...maybe we could sign up with some of these gals if they ever have a "blogging-mom group". That'd be cool. Oh, and let's start a petition for a BYU channel LDS version! :)

Congrats on back to school, I'm lovin' it.

You don't need naps everyday? No fair!

That picnic sounds awesome, good luck.

BYU, eh. I've got some loyalty issues there. ;)

I love fall too.

Hey, I think Julie wants a Ped Egg too, but we don't have any of those stores up here....

I'm totally jealous of your vacay...take lots of pictures!

I love Garth Brooks. And I like his version better...but her's is kinda jazzy-cool.

Now, that is all.

Jill said...

They have Ped Eggs here, I can send out some if you need me to, they are only $10. Let me know.
Also looking forward to a season of Amazing Race around here too. With Clint gone 3 weeknights every week, I need some TV.
Good luck with your party, it sounds awesome, I want to come.
Ditto your fall comments, I love fall, it's my favorite....that's why I got married in the fall.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, enjoy your kid-free vacation (not "vacation"!)--sleep in and eat dinner uninterrupted. I will live vicariously through you.

Julie said...

I just bought a ped egg yesterday. I got it in the "as seen on tv" section by the registers in walmart. After looking through the whole health & beauty section...haven't used it yet.

Congrats on new baby. And on taking naps.

MBusse said...

I see the tips have already flooded in, but I have seen the Ped-Egg at both CVS and Walgreens.

Dave and Kathryn Dodds said...

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year too! Something about school starting, football season, pumpkin EVERYTHING, leaves changing, it's kind of romantic somehow.

Cheryl said...

Dave and Kathryn-
Agreed! It IS romantic, isn't it?

Thank you! I think we have a CVS, too. Maybe...

WalMart, too? Awesome!

You are always welcome to live vicariously through me. I live vicariously through you. Yep. I do; I pretend to be a great writer whereas you, m'dear, ARE a great writer. :)

No worries, but thank you! I guess I just need to open my eyes and I'll find one. And you should drive out just for our party. That would be cool!

I will definitely do the commentary on Amazing Race. Ooh! I'm so excited just thinking about it.
And wha? Not a BYU fan? I mean, what are you saying? That the Aggies are somehow better? Hmmm?? ;)

flip flop mama-
I'm glad you like that song; I have a feeling it's pretty popular.

We love many of the same things, and for that, I like you, whoever you are! :)

Amanda D said...

First, Julie said "Congrats on the new baby". Is that why you're napping???!!!

Second, I'm jealous of your life. My kids still aren't in school, my hubby & I haven't been away FOREVER, and I don't get to watch BYU football here. ...Sigh...

Amanda D said...

Ooh! A cotton candy machine? Can I come? I love me some pure sugar!

Cheryl said...

No,no,no,no! She meant my brother's wife. :)

Don't be jealous. Just come visit me!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Aggies better in sports? NO! But as long as I attend USU I will root for my team. ;) I am a TRUE AGGIE after all.

Amanda D said...

Oh, yeah, duh! (hanging my head in embarassment.) Yes, congrats on the new neice and or nephew! Very exciting!

Cheryl said...

Yes! Come eat the sugar! And don't worry about the baby thing. :)

Well, there's something to be said for loyalty, so it's all good! I was almost a true aggie...okay, just kidding. Not even close. But I was kissed on the "Y". So, I'm a true Cougar? Is that how it works? :)

brenbot. said...

I need a peg egg. My heels are gross.