Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Just a Boring Update (Seriously)


I have a crush on Wellbutrin. It is true! It's good medication and I'm liking it. My Psychiatrist is lowering my lexapro to 10 mg and keeping me on Wellbutrin at 100mg and so we'll see how it goes. Therapy is great; I'm having good success is learning how to re-train my brain to think more positively.

I exercise most days and I'm eating less. I'm not going to weigh myself because it just depresses me, so I've decided to focus on how my clothing fits. My ideal size is 12-14 (seriously, my hips/height/build cannot get to anything lower than a 12, nor should it, nor will I ever desire anything so silly as something smaller than I be, health-wise), and for a bit there, I was into a size 20/22. But I seem to have settled back into an 18/20, so I'm happy with this. An 18 is easier to work with, and my goal is to eek down to a 16. Then we'll worry about another step later.

I talked with a good friend about how she lost her weight and it was very simple: she exercised, drank water, and ate right. She eats veggies, protein, and rarely has wheat/sugar. But she has her treats, doesn't binge, doesn't purge --she's just eating healthy. It's inspired me, along with the other post I wrote...

The kids are doing well! School finally ends next week (the last four days are only 1/2 days. So dumb!) and then we'll begin our Spectacular Summer! This is how it'll go this year:

Every Day:
 * Up at 7:30AM
 * Scriptures and Family Prayer
 * Breakfast and getting dressed
 * Piano Practice and Reading
 * School of the Day (start by 10AM):
 MONDAYS: Writing Prompts and History Lesson
 TUESDAYS: Science Experiments and Nature Exploration
 WEDNESDAYS: Piano Lessons and French Lessons
 THURSDAYS: Math Lessons and Cooking Lessons
 FRIDAYS: Field Trips!
 SUNDAYS: Day off and Church

Every afternoon:
*Lunch (one on one with mom --each child gets a certain day to help me)
*Free time/naps

Every evening:
*Daily chores/dinner
*Bed before 10PM

I'm hopeful for this summer because if we fail or have a rough day, it's no big deal. Also, I'm in a much better place, so we can do it! We can do it, because I will be determined and positive and willing to make it work! Setbacks will not stop me! I will stay focused and flexible and firm!

Why French? Because #1 signed up for French class next year, and then they told her not enough signed up, so they cancelled it. She's taking Spanish, instead. She was so bummed, I decided we could just learn some basic French this summer as a family. Why not, eh? Allons-y!

It's been raining all week, so I haven't gotten all the weeding finished. But I love the rain so much. All of it. It smells so good and makes everything so green! Today I had to drive about 35 minutes north for an appointment, and it was such a beautiful drive. Even on the busy roads, I just felt happy to see so many trees and so much green.

Oh, oh! A friend from the ward came to visit/play yesterday, and it was awesome! She stayed for hours and her kids were so good. My boys had a great time. We're thinking we need to resurrect a ward playgroup soon...

That is all for now. Happy Wednesday, dear reader!


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

No kidding, I love hearing the "mundane" things that make up a life. It really helps round out the picture of you that I have in my head. I miss you, my friend!

Rachael said...

It was great spending time with you and getting to know you better! My kids both said playing with your boys was one of their favorite things of the day. :)


Diane said...

My mom took Wellbutrin for years starting when I was about 26. It made a huge difference for her and for our whole family. It's great when you find the right medication.