Friday, June 06, 2014

Scenes From Grandpa's Funeral and My Quick Trip

(Robert, Michelle, Jared, Cheryl, on the way to the cemetery after the beautiful funeral service)

(Pall bearers carrying Grandpa Seely)

(Grandma and Grandpa together again. Families are Forever!)

(Last living siblings of their generation: Uncle Phil (grandma's brother), Uncle Don (grandma's BIL), Uncle Vern (grandpa's brother). Only one missing is Aunt Kaye (Vern's wife) because she wasn't feeling well)

(Roses for Grandma because Grandpa sent her roses every month while she was at BYU)

(Adam and his boys taking flowers)

(Andrea, Uncle Bruce, Shauna, and kiddos taking flowers)

(Cheryl and Michelle with roses from Grandpa)

(Lynnae and Dan --and the cutest baby girl!)

(Family with flowers)

(Giving our flowers to Grandma)

(The beautiful Alberta skies)

(Footprints in the cement behind my Grandma Stringam's house --which is about to be sold. My brother, Darryl, and I, against Grandpa Stringam's instructions, decided the cement was "dry enough" and proceeded to test it out. Realizing our mistake, we ran and hid next door at Great-Aunt Emily's house. We were around 7 years old? or 8? Good times. :)  ) 

(Visiting Grandma Stringam in Raymond at her new home in the Lodge)

(Visiting Grandpa Stringam)

(My nieces!) 

(My nephews!)

(My "nieces" and "nephews", a.k.a. my bestie's kids)

(Ann, a bestie, and me)

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