Monday, April 14, 2014

Pictures! Videos! It's Just My Journal of the Weekend.

My statistics lie! There are not hundreds of readers! Dear reader, there are only 21 of you. And another dozen who couldn't comment (or wouldn't) but did on Facebook. So... 33 of you that read my blog (and some that I didn't know! Cool!). That's not bad! I don't mind 33 people. That's better than 0 people...

Alrighty, let's have us a weekend update and a lot of photos, eh?

Friday night, Brandon and I went on a hot date. We went to a Mexican restaurant (not bad) and then to Home Depot, where we bought a chainsaw. Yep! A chainsaw.

(Me all ready for our date with Brandon's bike in the background, which he actually rode for an hour before we got ready for our date. Not sure why I added that, just thought I would...) 

(I saw this gorgeous man at the restaurant and decided to take him home with me!)

Here he is using the new chainsaw! As I said on Instagram, I found this very attractive.

(Far away)

(Zoomed in)

While Brandon was cutting wood, I was manning the inside chores. The kids had a pretty big incentive to get everything finished quickly: The community Easter egg hunt! The kids worked fast and worked well and we arrived at the park at 11:03AM and....

.... it was already over. It had started at exactly 11AM and it was over by the time we were there. In three minutes. There were hundreds of people there! Apparently, they just left the eggs lying all over the grass. Needless to say, the kids were bummed.

But they survived.

And we took them to lunch at Costco after playing on the playground for a while (it was fun shopping with the whole family, too!).

Later that night there was an International Night at our church. I guess it's a yearly activity, but people sign up to bring different ethnic foods (and decorations, but I didn't know about that until after we got there or else we would have brought all of Brandon's Australian stuff!) Because the Korean Branch was dissolved into our ward (technically we are the magnet ward for the Koreans), most of the night was Korean themed. Such good fun! Great music! Karaoke! The kids had a blast and we were some of the last to leave.

(Introducing Korean percussion instruments)

(Kids doing tossing their shoes in a target for chocolate)

(Kids winning beads for doing different activities)

(Some of the people, and apparently the ceiling)

(Me and Sister Handy, one of our sister missionaries!)

Church on Sunday was wonderful. I got to accompany a couple singing the song Gethsemane, and I subbed as the chorister in Primary! That was so much fun. I got to teach them I Often Go Walking. We had another ward potluck after church which we do once a month. The best part of the day? Finally getting home and getting to nap for two hours! Holy cow, did I need it! Later that evening, Brandon found this drowned rat (i.e. he gave Kaz a much needed bath):

This morning, some friends invited the boys and I to Linvilla Orchards for some fun and a picnic. We had such a great time! I got some things at the farmer's market (their apple cider donuts are pretty good!). The boys had so much fun looking at all the farm animals and playing at the playground --there was even a little maze. #6 is getting so much bigger and can do so many things, now! I only had to break out the Beco toward the end.

Tonight we are feeding the Elders, and the rest of the week is going to be Easter and "my parents are coming to visit!" preparations.

Oh, I'll leave you with this video:

Because of Him, I have peace, hope, and joy in my life. What about you?


Montserrat Wadsworth said...

Apparently, the community doesn't go by Mormon Standard Time. Over in three minutes? Whoa.

And I guess I missed the come out of lurking post. I kind of stayed away from the internet for a bit. So you can up your number to 34! :)

Amanda D said...

If you have 30+ readers, and you post 3-4x a week, then you have a couple hundred page views. Right? My stats are way off too. No way I get as many as my stats say. Some ghost site counts for several. DON'T CLICK THE GHOST SITE. That's what I read anyway.

We had a similar date this weekend -- Mexican food (YUM!), and a stop at the grocery store. :)

Looks like a great weekend! You have the cutest family.

cheryl cardall said...

35! I didn't comment on the last one either

Diane said...

I actually do read your blog. I just couldn't think of answers to all those questions.