Friday, April 11, 2014

I Wanna Know Who's Reading My Blog

Apparently, there are hundreds of you (at least according to my stats). I don't mind that you never leave comments, dear reader (truly, I don't) because I don't blog for accolades of grandeur (or whatever). But sometimes, I'm just really, really, really curious. So, if you could, delurk, please!

Leave me a comment and tell me:
1. Your favorite color.
2. How long you've read my blog.
3. The best vacation you ever took (you may leave more than one if you cannot choose).

I'll answer them, too!
1. Green
2. Since I started it (hahahahahaha! I kill me!)
3. China, London, and Kauai. Okay, and Mexico was pretty great. Heck! Just going to Midway for the week was always fun. I guess ANY vacation has been the best vacation!

Your turn! Please and thank you.


Courtney N said...

You're so funny! :-)

1. Red
2. Forever! Seriously! When did you start this thing?
3. Egypt with my family

Biff said...

1. Blue
2. The beginning.
3. Kauai.

swedemom said...

1) purple
2) for about 2 1/2 years
3) it is tough to narrow it down. Maybe going to Egypt?

swedemom said...

And since you said we could name more than one vacation, I am going to be lame and say, all of them. I love vacations. I have done several vacations in Europe when we lived in Sweden, weekend and day trips around Israel when we lived there, Bahrain, and adventures in the USA. I'm a traveler and explorer.

Jaime said...

1. Red or Yellow
2. Probably for a couple years now . . .
3. My honeymoon to Hawaii. My husband and I had never vacationed by ourselves (he had 3 kids from a previous marriage) and after all the wedding madness, the warm air and silence and just us - it was the best!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

1. Purple
2. Since 2008, but as soon as I found you I went back through the archives and read it all to catch up :)
3. Fave family vacay: Hawaii
Fave "save my sanity" vacay alone: my gramma's guest room
Fave vacay with you: that's a tie between the Vegas Blog Weekend and the Midway Girls Trip. :)

Britt Kelly said...

don't know...infrequently for the last year?

Arches national park...or the beach. I'm very easy to please...unplug and add nature.

Katrina said...

1. Blue - Royal Blue
2. 9 months or so since we "met" on facebook
3. For the last 10 years since we left Utah, my favorite vacation is any one that involves going out West and seeing my family. I never realized I was such a homebody - any by home I mean family.

Kimbrough's in St. Louis said...

1. Green
2. 1.5 years
3. Walt Disney World and Hawaii

Debbie Mildenstein said...

!. Blue
2. Since you left Provo
3. Japan

flip flop mama said...

Red, I have no idea, and New York City 2 years ago.

Heidi said...

1. Blue
2. Can't remember - more than a year
3. California beach was one of my favorite vacations, mainly because all my family was there, too.

Kevin and Lisa said...

1.) Purple and Yellow
2.) Hmmmmm I have no idea, years at least.
3.) I should say I love going places with my whole family but my favs are always the Sisters Weekend, no husbands no kids. So that means either UT or AZ. We hardly leave the house--we hunker down and scrapbook for days.

Sus said...

1) Brick Red
2) At least a couple of years, probably longer.
3) Cruise to the Caribbean. I also love visiting my youngest daughter in England. And I seriously love ANY time we can spend at our second home in St. George.

Linda Liebhardt said...

1. Blue or Green
2. Since Eric introduced me to it, but I only read sporadically--the same way *I* blog. ha!
3. Italy...maybe. Alaska perhaps.

Julie Allen said...

Hello friend. :)

1- blue and aqua...and pink and green and yellow. But blue and aqua maybe most.

2- forever and ever amen.

3- without kids: Alaska
With kids: Disneyland

Julie said...

1. Red
2. Since I met you at Bekah's bridal shower
3. Disneyland with my kids is always a favorite

WoozleMom said...

1. Blue.
2. About six years. I remember when you were frustrated about not being pregnant and then announced #5 (he is a month older than my oldest), and I had already been reading for several months at that point. I've commented here and there. :-)
3. My favorite vacation I ever took by myself was when I was in the cast of the Hill Cumorah Pageant at age 19. Another favorite was a random, last-minite weekend trip to Park City with just my husband when I was 35 weeks with out first. And them there was the time we went to Disneyworld...

Arlene Neilson said...

1. Red

2. Since the beginning

3. Several places but I think Greece/Turkey, China, Egypt, Europe probably were the best.

Love your blogs. Sorry I don't make comments!

Amanda D said...

Purple or Royal Blue
Since 2005? 2006?
Cruise to Jamaica!

Camille said...

1. my favorite color is always changing. It has been aqua/turquoise for about 2 years, but just in the last few months it is slowly changing to Mint!!!
2.for just over a year
3. I would have to say a 2 week family road trip from So Cal to Montana and back. It was really, REALLY hard too! We had 4 kids at the time ages 8 months - 9 years. But, it was also the best trip too!!! LOL!!!

camellia said...

I read sometimes!

Love Camellia

Marci Smyth said...

1. Blue
2. Since we met at Christina's mothers group.
3. Anytime I can go hiking or exploring with my family. Doesn't matter the location. Maybe I haven't been to enough really cool places.

Birrd said...

I read this on my phone and it's hard to comment on my phone so I told myself I would comment next time I got on the computer, which then I forgot until you posted again about it. I bet there are lots of people who did the same thing. Anyway, my favorite color is cobalt blue, I have been reading your blog since we got to be friends on facebook, and our family's best vacation was to Branson.

evitafjord said...

I am still reading your blog, though about 3-21 days behind the actual posting date because I'm just that far behind right now (just finished student teaching - one more project and I'm graduating!!)
1. Purple
2. I can't remember. Seems like quite a while - I ended up here from I think bythelbs???
3. Easy - NYC.

Michelle said...

a long time
couples trips to San Diego and to Mesa, and our fam trips to the extended fam house in St. George.

Miss you!

Kathrin said...

1. magenta
2. I'm not sure
3. hmmm....any vacation is a good vacation. We went to Washington DC as a family a couple of years ago which was super fun. Next, I want to rent a house on the beach.

Brian said...

1. Yellow
2. About 1 yr.
3. Cape Cod, MA

Liz said...

1. Blue or Green
2. 2-3 yrs
3. Hawaii, camping trips to Yellowstone; Rocky Mountain and Badlands national parks, and my honeymoon, a cruise of the Baltic that started in Dover, England and went all the way to St. Petersburg, Russia!

Amy Coons said...

HI! I think I've only commented once before. Sorry to seem like a lurker! I catch you probably weekly. As you can already tallied and I hadn't seen the post yet! I know Brandon from BYU days. I found your blog through Emily. I think you are interesting to read. ;-) Mormon moms rock...the real moms...not the fluff.

1. Purple (who knew so many people liked it?)
2. I believe around the time Prop 8 started.
3. Florida with my own kids and hubby.

Becky said...

1. No favorite
2. I cannot remember, but I like your honest insight!
3. Anytime I can get together with family, any place will do