Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2. Easter Sunday!

Easter is fun around here. I like to blend the fun with the spiritual, so my kids know the reason we celebrate is because of Christ, but they're allowed to eat candy, too!

I enjoyed spending the week posting on Instagram and FB about Christ, joining in the Church's #BecauseOfHim campaign. Here are a few things I shared:

We woke up to Easter baskets in the morning:

After breakfast (some candy) and getting ready, we headed to church: 

We enjoyed a wonderful worship service! Afterwards, the Sister Missionaries came to our home so we could do a musical number/video for Sister Howard. It was the perfect song for an Easter Sunday. Here's the video! (My girls are singing while Sister Howard signs, and I'm playing the piano and Sister Handy was recording.)

Then the Sisters helped us hide some Easter eggs, and I invited my awesome neighbor and friend (I'm her visiting teacher, too!), Anita, and her daughter to come join us. The kids had a great time, especially in light of the disappointing egg hunt the week previous... 

After Anita and the missionaries left (they had a dinner appointment), we had a feast of Ham, mashed potatoes/gravy, cheesy beans, rolls, and lots of candy for dessert!

#1's birthday is in the next post...

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Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I love the pic of your dad and B pointing during the egg hunt...my hubby does the same thing! I'm always like, "Patience dear, let them find it on their own." ;)