Tuesday, April 29, 2014

1. My Parents Came to Visit and We Did Fun Things!

My parents arrived late on Thursday, April 17th. Friday was the first day of Spring Break for the kids, so we decided to do something out of the house. We invited two of the kids' friends to come along with us, and the day went like this:
*show Grandma and Grandpa the house/property
*drive Grandma and Grandpa around our village, the schools, the shopping areas, etc.
*Eat lunch
*Go to Ridley State Park and hike!

We hiked and played at the playground for a while.

Then we stopped at the Mansion (where they often hold weddings and events) and took a lot of photos because the building and gardens were so stunning!

Friday evening, Brandon and I took my parents out to dinner and that was nice.

On Saturday, Brandon was able to be with us, so we got up early, packed a lunch, and went to Valley Forge National Park! It happened to be Junior Ranger day, so we had a great time fulfilling all of the requirements so the kids could earn their badges. It was great to learn so much about our Colonial history! My favorite part was the wood huts the soldiers stayed in (replicas) and learning about how they survived those winters...

Then it was back home in time to put up the trampoline, eat dinner, have baths, and story time with Grandpa!

I'll post about the rest of their visit in the next posts...

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Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Oooh, so many cool things in such a short amount of time!