Saturday, October 05, 2013

October 2013 General Conference: Saturday Morning/Afternoon


Difference this time: I didn't make packets for my kids. In fact, aside from the cinnamon rolls, I didn't do much to prepare (and even those were store bought!). But I took notes, most of the kids actually listened, and I was fed so spiritually. Every question I asked was answered today. Even ones I didn't know I had! Every prayer I had was addressed. God is so good!

Here are my notes. I did not edit them, so therefore, they are not supremely accurate (there were tv and internet outages, as well as food prep, diaper changes, naps to secure, etc.), nor are they profound to anyone but me. In fact, in most places, I wrote things as they came to me through the Holy Ghost, so they might not even match directly to what was being said in the talk. Your notes will be personal. Mine are, too. So, naturally, they are on a public blog for the world to see.
Yeah, I know.
Good thing I felt prompted to share them with you! Kind of neutralizes that whole "private matters in a public sphere" problem. :)

Saturday morning session:

President Monson: 
*15 million members
*58,500 to 80,333 today (missionaries)
*Greatest and most important duty is to preach the gospel
*Contribute to the ward missionary fund

Elder Robert D. Hales:
*Teaching children the gospel without dumbing it down???? (curse the few minutes of internet and TV outage!)
*The only safety we have is to give heed to the words and commandments the Lord gives through his prophets. 
*The greatest blessing occur after conference is over
*We go to conference to learn from the prophets and then we go home to do what they said. (reminds me of the RS broadcast last week)
*Pray to understand what we've been taught
*Use for resources
*Use FHE more directly, Cheryl --plan better lessons and activities. Plan in advance. Make it a calling and make it count. No more random, last-second activities. Make it real and a blessing. 

Elder Ulysses Suarez:
*Meek and lowly heart (teachable)
*A constant focus and desire to become perfect as Christ and HF are perfect; to improve day by day
*Learning to control our tempers. How do I react when people don't respond in the moment I want them to? Feelings of patience and gentle persuasion... Why can't I give gentle reminders and lead with gentle persuasion and patience? By controlling our reactions we will begin to qualify for the gift of meekness. Subdue our pride... 
*Humility  --only those who are humble can recognize answers to their prayers. The humble are meek and will be led by God's hand. 
*Christ is the supreme example of meekness: even after the most intense suffering, he forgave his crucifiers. (I need to think before I respond. Think and ponder and pray before reacting. Think of others before myself, even in that instant). 

Sister Carole M. Stephens:
*Divine destiny is accomplished through our covenants
*We have the right to personal revelation 
*The Temple endowment is a gift of power; sealing only through a man and a woman
*Renewing our covenants weekly
*Women are blessed through the covenants they've made and the ordinances they've received. 
*Sons of God need Daughters of God, and Daughters of God need Sons of God
*Do we have faith in Heavenly father's plan and in the Atonement? 

Elder Edward Dube:
*Baptism is a life long commitment
*Not weary in well doing --fulfilling callings, not looking back at what came before, but looking forward to what is to come
*We need to be anxiously engaged in a good cause 
*The past is to be learned from, but not lived in. We look back to learn, but when we have learned it, we look ahead and remember that faith is ALWAYS pointing to the future. 
*Blessed is he that keepeth my commandments, whether in life or in death. 
*Stand close together and lift where we stand. We can fulfill our true potential by building the kingdom the God. 
*No man, putting his hand to the plow, and looking back, is not fit for the Kingdom of God. (What is it you want to build, Cheryl? What is looking back preventing you from becoming and being?)

Elder David A. Bednar:
*Law of Tithing
*Significant but subtle blessings of tithing  --they are not always what we expect and can easily be overlooked. There were no obvious additions to the income, instead the Lord had blessed them in ordinary ways (like our roof! Like our cars! Like all the things that we've not had to worry about!!!)
*We often emphasize the immediate and sensational blessings, but some of the diverse blessings we receive can only be discerned if we are spiritually observant. 
*Windows of Heaven --spiritual gift of gratitude for the things we have can constrain the idea of what we want. Contentment is found through gratitude. For example: the blessing could be an increased ability to do more with less. Or work more to change our circumstances, rather than expecting them to change by someone else. 
*Assurance, peace, faith, and hope may not seem like blessing warriors want, but they are exactly what the Sons of Helaman needed to be successful in battle. 
*We might plead for posterity, but we receive patience instead...
*The distribution of funds are done through the Lord --that's why it works so well! It is very simple. 1 -the church lives within it's means, and 2 -reserves are set aside (they save!)
*We would do well to do the same. Do not spend more than we have, and set aside savings for times of emergencies. It's really that simple. 

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf:
*Story of the couple explaining the Church
*Why would anyone join such a Church? Many reasons, but here are just a few: 
1. This Church was restored in our day by Jesus Christ, Himself. Here is the authority to act in His name!
2. The Church provides opportunities to do good! They put their faith into practice.
The work of ministry is unpaid and done by themselves, and assignments are not burdens.
3. Walking the path of discipleship leads to precious blessings. Baptism is the starting point! Peace and purpose in this life, and profound joy and eternal salvation in the world to come. We avoid many pitfalls and sorrows of life...
*If the Gospel is so wonderful, why do people leave? Sometimes we assume they have been lazy, offended, or sinful. But it's not that simple --there are usually more reasons. Some struggle for years before deciding to leave...
*We respect those who honestly search for truth and we honor their right with agency. 
*Some leave because of history, some leave because of the sins of leaders, some leave because they don't receive answers when they want them.
*Imperfect people make mistakes! 
*No decision is made without seeking the approval of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. God will not allow His church to drift from it's appointed course. 
*What about my doubts? It's natural to have doubts, but the Church encourages us to nurture our seeds of faith... and to have hope... 1. Doubt you doubts before you doubt your faith!!!!! 
*None of us is as Christlike as we want to be... but we can strengthen each other and strive to be better.
*Come, Join with us!! 

Saturday Afternoon Session:

President Packer: 
*Daily scripture study
*Repentance: let us reason together! 
*Story: JFS, "You're late! Yes, but I'm clean."

Elder Christofferson:
*Moral influence of women
*Read this one FIRST!!!!!!!

Elder Gifford Neilson: 
*Share the gospel with our family/friends
1. Pray to help someone on their journey everyday
2. Pray for the local missionaries by name every day
3. Invite friends according to the Spirit
*exclamation point scriptures!
*Serve with enthusiasm! Exclamation point!

Elder Valenzuela:
*Small and simple things always bring about great things
*Examples if reactivation through simple and small ways
*Rescue our brothers and sisters; reach out with labor and love

Elder Timothy J. Dyches:
*Wilt thou be made whole?
*As they WENT in FAITH (believe and go/do together)
*Forgiveness through Christ 

Elder Holland!!!
*Mental illness or emotional disease
*it is only through Christ it can be put right
*Never lose faith in HF and His love!
*Daily practices, blessings, the Sacrament, believe in miracles, hope is never lost!!
*Watch for the stress indicators 
*Make adjustments... Slow down, rest up, replenish and refill!
*Go to professionals and prayerfully consider their recommendations
*Blessings AND doctors!
*be grateful and be patient
*there is much to be hopeful and grateful for
*Cherish every day with my kids
*Trust in God! All shadows will flee!
*It's okay to be happy, Cheryl!

Elder Ballard:
*Be engaged in spreading the gospel
*Am I doing all I can? 
*Make the decision to do what Jesus Christ has asked us to do. The Savior has said, "Ask, and it shall be given you. Seek, and Ye shall find..." 
*PRAY to know how to share the gospel
*Fear will be replaced with faith when the missionaries and members pray for opportunities, and then look for them. 
*Sharing is our responsibility (agency to choose it is theirs) and if we are not engaged, many who would hear the message will be passed by. 
*Pray personally and in the family for missionary opportunities, to be more bold, to open your mouth.
*Ask him for direction and then go and do!
*Ask just ONE between now and Christmas to hear the gospel 
*It is by faith that miracles are wrought, and it is by faith that angels do minister

Dear reader, I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not only true, but real. I know it with my entire soul, my entire being, in my mind, and my heart, in every aspect of my existence, I know it to be true. I do. I know. 

I can't wait for tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Two really good sessions. I loved Pres. Uchtdorf's talk and Elder Holland's. Elder Dube's and Elder Valenzuela's were great too. Loved Elder Exclamation Point! I don't even care what he said, I just loved the way he said it!

Cheryl said...

Elder Holland was masterful as always! Our day was very crazy so I didn't feast on it as much as I would have liked. Thank goodness for! Looking forward to FEASTING tomorrow!

flip flop mama said...

Those are fantastic, thorough notes! The two sessions today were really fantastic and I enjoyed every minute as well.

Diane said...

Questions that were so personal that I didn't think could possibly be addressed in General Conference were answered. I loved this conference! Now it is time to study hard and make the changes I need to make.