Monday, June 10, 2013

Massive Amounts of Photos (April, May, June)

I'm not even sure where to start. There are so many pictures!

I spoke at Women's Conference. You knew this! But here are two photos of my little head up at the podium. Brandon took one; my SIL Bekah took the other:

#1 graduated from 6th grade! I know, I know --say what you want about graduation from mediocrity, but these kids have gone to the same school for 7 years (K-6) and so it really is kind of bittersweet to see them grow up.
#1 and her 5th grade teacher AND 6th grade teacher. Love her! (We're happy she's in our ward so we get to still see her often!)




We went camping with our besties over Memorial Day weekend. We ended up going to a place up a canyon in the San pitch mountains just east of Levan, UT (which is 10 miles south of Nephi, UT) called Chicken Creek Ranch. Little did we know that this was ATV paradise! It worked out, though. We had a great time and we even drove out past Delta one day to visit Topaz Mountain (in the desert) to collect crystals. We love camping! Especially with our besties.






Last weekend we drove down to California for Brandon's sister's wedding. It was so great! If you remember, dear reader, we lost Tamra's husband tragically almost two years ago. This wedding is an amazing blessing in so many ways. Her new husband was Jared's best friend. His children are great and love Tamra so much. It was a beautiful celebration of love and hope --I'm so glad we made the effort to be there! It was a quick trip, but a memorable one. I absolutely adored her choice in decoration. They got married on a ranch with an old saloon town used for movies and TV shows. It was a Pinterest paradise! It was great to see family and friends; even more great to see Tamra and Chris so happy. I'll have better pictures later; these are just ones I took with my phone and some I stole off of Facebook:




And now here are some random photos:

#1 tried out for a soccer league team. We're still awaiting results, but here's a shot of the try-out --#1 is the keeper (goalie) in the white shirt/dark shorts. She did great!

I got the chance to accompany #2 and her class on a Field Trip. We walked from Bridal Veil Falls to Vivian Park and had lunch. We had a lot of fun!


Baby boy's first haircut! He looks like a little boy, now, rather than a baby. *sniff* I guess it was time, though, because he's 15 months old, now! 

Just on Friday/Sat, Brandon and I used a free hotel stay Brandon had won at a conference to have a mega date night. We went to the Provo Rooftop Concert Series, had dinner, stayed the night in the downtown Marriott, and then the next morning we cheered on his aunt and cousin as they qualified for the Boston Marathon while running the Utah Valley Marathon (convenience was that the finish line was one block from the hotel). Then it was breakfast, checking out, the Temple (we did sealings) and lunch. Thanks to Rebecca for watching our kids for us! After the month of end-of-school chaos, the camping trip, and the California trip where we had kids with us in close quarters, this was a nice little vacation. 

#3 adores #6 and dotes on him. I usually don't let him get away without practicing his piano, but when I saw this, I decided piano practice was overrated for the day: 

AND THAT'S ALL! (I think. I hope.)


evitafjord said...

I totally thought that the picture of your daughter and her teacher was your daughter and one of her friends. Sixth grade is weird because of all the developing going on (my also-just-graduated-6th daughter is tiny still, but her BFF could fit in at the HS) so I just figured her teacher was one of the girls who looked a little older already.

Biff said...

Did our #1 really pull her first duck-face in a photo?! Sheesh.

Cheryl said...


I know, right?! She's actually in her second year teaching AND she's a new mom.


Yes, she did. But I didn't even know what you were talking about until I looked carefully to find it. Didn't even notice it when I put it in! :)

Cheryl said...

You know those awkward pre-puberty years that most kids go through? I think your daughter skipped right over them...she is beautiful!

I'm a bit obsessed with Jennifer Moss' story, I've spent hours reading her blog. Wow, what an amazing woman!

Amanda D said...

Love the photo-update! You guys have been busy. That shot of the rooftop concert is very cool. Glad you have had some fun!

Julie said...

Fun to see your kids growing up. They are so cute.

I'm so happy for your sister in law. That is wonderful.