Monday, February 18, 2013

Good Morrow

I'm at Real Intent today. I wrote a little ditty called "The Well of Depression," and it's kind of a disjointed piece. Go ahead and read it --especially if you can relate, eh? Then stick around and read all the posts on our Peculiar Minds series. There are already several essays on experiences with mental illness, treatments, opinions, discussions, etc. Truly, it's a treasure trove of information! And it continues all week...


Holy crazy dream last night! It's too long to explain, but let's just say that it included my friend, her sister, a famous band member, our old choir director, a female musician, and several mission calls to married women, whom have children.

So. Weird. Any crazy dreams for you lately?

On an unrelated note, the baby slept for 6 hours! Huzzah!

And on another unrelated note, I heard birds singing this morning. Is that a good sign? I doubt Spring is here to stay (no way would it come this early --right?), but it's nice to hear sounds of it and to see sunshine.

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