Sunday, February 17, 2013

All Kinds of Random

Fantastic weekend:
*family from Canada, Idaho, and Washington here for my cousin's wedding
*wonderful reception at the Provo Library (including a Vocal Point concert!)
*opportunity to hang out with my dear cousins whom I never see enough
*BYU basketball team won their game!
*taught gospel doctrine on receiving revelation
*husband was awesome

Fantastic week ahead:

To get done before cruise:
*too much stuff
*like laundry
*and laundry
*and packing
*and shopping
*and laundry


Random fact: My most followed board on Pinterest is my "All things Austen" board.


Excited to read: Part 2 of my grandfather's personal history, written by my mother.


Wish I owned: A magical fat burning and skin tightening machine. But since I don't, I'll just enjoy my trip and love the sun, anyway. Nobody else cares what I look like, why should I? I mean, within reason, of course. There's something to be said about showering!


My awesome BFF sent me an awesome Valentine's/Bday package. Chocolate and music --what more could a girl want?


"We must constantly remind ourselves that He is God and we are not." ~Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, For Times of Trouble

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Amy said...

We had so much fun visiting with everyone this weekend! Several times on the way home we discussed the need to plan more trips so we can all see each other more often. :)