Tuesday, February 19, 2013

And Speaking Of...

I just got back from the store where #5 threw the biggest tantrum of all time. It was awesome. No, not awesome good, awesome craaaazzzzzyyyy. But he's okay now, and I was amazing at my ability to stay calm and patient.

And speaking of calm and patient, I wish I could say I am calm and patient all the time, but I am getting better. I went four whole hours (five, maybe?) yesterday without losing my temper. And that was in the midst of chore day! My mantra this year, if you remember, is "Calm and Kind!" I think I'm figuring it out. And not emtotionally scarring everyone I meet. I hope. I sure am trying....

And speaking of trying, I'm trying to get ready for my flight to Florida tomorrow, but it is, of course, not coming together as easily or quickly as I would like. And I started on Sunday! But thus is life. The house might be in shambles, the kids might be ornery, my sweet SIL who is watching the kids may rue the day she signed on for the job, but at least there will be food to eat, clothes to wear, towels to use, and nothing but homework to worry about. I hope.

And speaking of hope, did you know that I have enough outfits and clothing that look good on me in my enormous state that I'm not AS worried as I was before about being seen in a tropical climate and I didn't have to spend money to do it and I hope these elated feelings will last? I mean, this is wonderful news, dear reader! Almost epic! Because I have been staying at the same weight for almost a year, and slowly gathering items that fit and flatter, I didn't end up rushing to clothing stores in a panic. It's so nice.

And speaking of nice, I really appreciate nice people.

And speaking of people, I often wonder how many more munchkins will come to our family, but not in the same way as I did before. I don't stress about it, anymore. I say we want more kids, we hope for more kids, we won't be upset if we have more kids, but I'm not going crazy about knowing WHEN and HOW MANY and such things. I'm content to just let it happen, and then to let the Spirit tell us. It's kind of freeing, you know? It's nice to let things go. Especially when it comes to pregnancy. Hmmm.

And speaking of pregnancy, have you seen that funny video of the two men who were given shocks of electricity that would be "like being in child birth labor"? Yeah? Well, read this blog post about it. I totally agree with her. It's insulting that something so beautiful and amazing was reduced to something absolutely nothing like it, just for cheap laughs. Not that I care that much (really, I don't), but that I find that type of public "education" kind of insulting.

And speaking of insulting... uhh... I've got nothing. Must be time to do more laundry! Adios!

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