Thursday, October 04, 2012

Happy Stuff

Stuff that's making me happy on this fine Thursday:

New sheets!

A beautiful surprise on our walk this morning:

This cute baby who is determined not to sleep on his own, put everything into his mouth, and has discovered all the cords in the living room. When I call his name, he turns to me with this smile. It gets me every time. Love him! 

These books. Fun reads!
What's making you happy today?


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Can't wait to squeeze that cutie boy!

Amanda D said...

Things that are making me happy: the kid's excitement when I pulled out the Halloween decorations last night, the fact that the rain hasn't come yet -- we have enjoying a beautiful fall, the fact that we are having take out pizza tonight and I don't have to cook.

Now, about your happy: new sheets=love!, and I'd really like to read those books but we don't get those at our library. :( Did you buy them or borrow them? Any chance I could borrow them?