Saturday, October 06, 2012

General Conference, October 2012, Saturday Sessions: Gentle!

Thoughts about General Conference today:

Be more gentle.

The end.

No, really, that's about it for me. I mean, yes, wow! Women can go on missions at age 19! That was seriosuly amazing and I loved the announcement (gave me goosebumps and caused a lot of cheering), and Pres. Uchtdorf and Elder Oaks and Elder Nelson and Elder Echo Hawk and Elder what's-his-name who made me bawl my eyes out when he was talking about his baby's death (as I was holding my baby who is almost the same age as his baby who had died)... so many good talks! But when I listen to conference, I search for answers for me specifically --what pricks my heart the most? Overall?

For today, it was be more gentle.

I often tell myself to be kind, kinder, or kindest. "Be KIND to the children, Cheryl. Be KIND to your neighbors. Be KIND to your husband's socks that you found on the living room floor again. KIND!" But I've found that "kind" isn't really working for me. I need something more... I don't know. Something that will remind me with deeper meaning, I guess. And so as I watched today, the word that kept coming back to my mind was "Gentle."

See, I'm really good at being gentle with babies. Babies are easy to be gentle with, even when they cry! I mean, they're babies! Glass, too. I'm gentle with glass. I'm also gentle with baby animals, flowers, and old people. But what about my children (after they are no longer babies)? My husband? Myself? Gentle is such a good word because it evokes the image of sweetness and kindness, but in a more... soft way. Handling with care.

I need to be gentle. In fact, I cannot reiterate or emphasize enough how much I need to be gentle. In fact, I should needlepoint it or something, because man! I need reminders! Maybe there's a vinyl for it somewhere... (too bad I don't do Pinterest!).

What was your favorite lesson from General Conference, today? Did anything stick out to you specifically? If you could pick one word that describes what you learned or felt, what would it be?


Middle-aged Mormon Man said...

Very. very nice.

Radel said...

love you to death! love micheal mcleans song "Gentle with Myself". love your honesty about life and depression and kids and life (from your last post) thank you for being you!

WoozleMom said...

This is the overarching message that I received: You can do better. You can be better. Quit making excuses and just do it. It will be hard, but you can do hard things.

I could barely listen to Elder Bowen (had to look it up) talk about his baby. I was absolutely hysterical. That talk was given on the day that my baby turned 8 months! She was asleep in the other room at the time and you better believe I high-tailed it in there to make sure she was breathing. Ugh.

Seriously, though, I loved conference. There was so much about it that was perfect for me at this time and in this stage of my life. I even got to listen to almost all of it!

Also, I've been doing some looking at the new Come, Follow Me youth curriculum and it is incredible. It is so flexible and can be made so individual and I am so happy about it. I love that it comes (obviously by design) at the exact time that they changed the missionary ages. New missionaries must be much more prepared because they have (potentially) less time prior to their missions and certainly less time in the MTC. This curriculum is perfect for that and I am so excited to start using it in January to teach my YW!