Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Keep Going

Have you ever experienced, dear reader, that point when something has finally started getting better, or it FEELS like it's getting better (or is GOING to get better) and then, suddenly, it veers to the right or left and does not, in fact, get better, but does, in fact, get worse? I'm trying to figure out how to explain it without actually giving away what it is I'm talking about, because it's kind of private (and yes, I know, I'm hardly ever private, but just give me some leeway this time). Let's think of something similar, but not quite...

Ooh! I know! So, let's say your son is showing signs of sleeping at night, but then he gets sick. And then you think he's getting better, but instead, he gets worse. Or maybe you finally get a system of chores underway and then soccer season starts and you have to throw it out the window. Or perhaps you got all the papers in your office sorted and shredded and filed, only to have the rest of the house fall apart and so your organization really isn't organized anymore.

And there you are, sitting in a pile of "it should have gone this way" or "why didn't it go this way?" and you wonder why. When I get to this point (of wondering what in the world God is thinking and why I can't have my way, and my faith starts to wane), I think of my road drawing.
"Road drawing?" you ask.
Yes, road drawing! It's pretty awesome, if I do say so myself, and helps me remember to keep going and keep that faith.

I've shared this with my Sunday School classes several times. If I could show you an illustration, I would. Ooh! I could take pictures of it! Let me do that. Okay, watch and learn!

So, look. We're on a road:

On this road, there are several side roads, but the truth is, we're not heading that way. God told us to go straight:

But we don't want to go straight, because these side roads, as we pass them, look awesome! They look like the right way to go! I mean, look! Awesomeness abounds! At least from what we can see (as we pass them):

All we can see in front of us is a road stretching out forever. And ever. But the truth is, we're going to turn a corner eventually --it's up here:

And around that corner, to a place we cannot see, we are going to find something better than we could ever have imagined:

What is that great thing? You name it, it could be it. Sometimes it's meeting a person to marry. Sometimes it's a job. Or a college major we had never thought of. For others, it's a mission call. For some, it's children, either by adoption or invitro, or biologically. Sometimes it's grandchildren or Temple sealings. For sure, it's eternal life.

Okay, so it's not the most perfect illustration of what I mean, but whatever the case, my point is that we gotta keep going. Those side roads, those distractions? They aren't worth it. Not at all, especially if God has asked you to run past them. Sure, we can find our way back --we may be stronger for it. But it could take us years and years and years, and some of those things waiting for us may have to move on (specifically, Earth-time-wise stuff like biological children) if we spend too much time on the side roads.

Keep going. Keep your faith. You have no idea what amazing awesomeness your patience and perseverance will bring you --especially when the road veers a little to the right.


Anonymous said...

Actually, that is the perfect illustration.


sariqd said...

That was a bit of a tease! In any case, your roadmap looked like the map of the zoo that I took my kids too. All of these little routes had us going in loops seeing the same dang thing over and over. (Sorry - birds start blurring after a bit.) Once we were able to launch outselves out of these side-paths, we were able to see the magestic animals. Finally! Woot!

I get it.

The Wright Family said...

Those last two lines were just what I needed today. Thanks.

WoozleMom said...

I love it. I might make my own and tack it up on my bulletin board above my desk. :)

Amanda D said...

I love it!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Patience and perseverance...I'll keep repeating it like a mantra. <3