Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Choosing Optimism Today

I keep gaining weight. But I'm grateful that my body can produce enough milk to feed my baby.

We are seriously having awful financial problems. But I'm grateful we have a home, cars that run, food in the fridge, clothing on our backs, and Internet service.

My depression keeps gnawing at my mind. But I'm grateful I know the triggers and I know how to head it off before it takes over.

The house is a disaster and I feel I have no control over it. But I'm grateful for kids who can help and occasionally help without whining.

I feel isolated and alone a lot of the time. But I'm grateful for friends who I can talk to and activities that get me out of the house.

I'm afraid (constantly afraid) that I'm ruining my six children. But I'm grateful for glimpses of their generous characters and how they can rise above their trials (which include an overbearing, angry, depressed mother).

The dishwasher broke. But I'm grateful we still have running water.

The laundry is never-ending and infuriating (especially with two bed-wetters). But I'm grateful for clothing and washing machines.

I get very little sleep due to night-time feedings and staggered nap times. But I'm grateful I have children who I feed in the night and who stagger their nap times.

I can't seem to pull myself back into healthy eating. But I'm grateful that I know HOW to do it (when I will just do it!).

People I love are making choices that break my heart. But I'm grateful that I have a heart to break.


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Keep looking on the bright side, and remember--you can do hard things!

Anonymous said...

You are very good at optimism.

I hope your dishwasher gets fixed (or replaced, whichever) soon. But yes, running water--always to be grateful for!

Yay for helping without whining! I gotta get me some of that. (Or maybe I should do me some of that. Hmm.)

FluffyChicky said...

Good for you on choosing the optimism...I need to remember to do that more often...I do the whole "wo is me" crap too much.


sariqd said...

No reason why you can't have your kids help wash & dry, right? Turn it into a "pioneer" game. :)
I'm struggling today too. Thanks for reminding me to put things back in perspective. One top thing is that my husband recognizes when I start sliding into a funk and is valiant about giving me the tools needed to pull out of it. He's been texting me all day with all sorts of silliness. :)

♥♥♥ to you!

Amanda D said...

Love this post...we all have times that we need to do this.

I hear you on the finances and it sucks. It seems never ending.

Love to you!

Mormon Women: Who We Are said...

Love the power of gratitude. I need to do this more often.

Cheryl said...

Finances...schminances. I hate them, we never seem to get ahead even when we think we might. Hubby got a bonus and our house flooded, and his truck broke down and we need new tires on the van and our air conditioner went out (and AC is a necessity in Vegas let me tell you) and our dishwasher and washing machine went out. AAACK.

But I'm grateful for the bonus because it meant we were able to get a new AC unit and fix the truck. We just weren't able to go on vacation or put any in savings like we'd planned!