Monday, May 21, 2012

We Gotta Clean

One poopy diaper, two nursing sessions, one trip to the school to drop off the forgotten supplies for the read-a-thon, one broken dishwasher (*sob!), three loads of dishes to wash by hand, one VERY messy house (worse than usual), one broken sprinkler head, one bike tire that won't stay fixed, dozens of ants in the bathroom, 8 loads of laundry to do, two video games, two outdoor escapes by the 2 year old, one movie ("The Borrowers"), and it's only 11AM.

Make that THREE nursing sessions. And two more diapers.

We saw the eclipse last night! Very cool. [Did you know, dear reader, that I was born during a total eclipse of the sun? It was in 1979.] Did you see it?

I thought about waiting until school got out to clean/organize the house, but I've changed my mind. As I was looking for the daughter's book for her read-a-thon, I had to go into her room. And then I saw their bathroom. And the boys' room. And... oh, let's just say it, I sighed, murmured, muttered, and thought about swearing. The cleaning will commence today after school!!

And that is my Monday. How is yours?


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

My Monday was similar, yet so different. While my 3 Wild Boys were at school today, I was busy caregiving on the opposite end of the life spectrum. I got to spend 4 hours taking care of my dad and take him to his doctor appointment. Sometimes it is as exhausting as caring for a newborn...but at least I don't have to change any diapers! ;)

Anonymous said...

I saw that total eclipse of the sun when you were born! I remember it well! Though I wasn't aware at the time that you were being born. That is very cool!

I was born during a total eclipse of the heart.

(Someone had to say it and I thought it should be me.)

flip flop mama said...

Busy! Dentist appt for the little man and errands, only to discover that I left my wallet at home. After the dentist I drove home and got it (8 miles one way) so I could do my errands. Them laundry, after school pickup and taking the kids to the pool for an hour. I'm tired!