Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bump on a Log

Hello, log. I am lump. Or bump. Whichever it is, I'm sitting on you. And it's uncomfortable, to say the least. I've entered that "final month" of pregnancy --the one we pregnant women forget is so very, very hard. I remember that month now, though! The pure exhaustion. The lack of sleep. The inability to get comfortable. The large baby stretching into the ribs and pounding on the cervix. Yep! That month.

I wish I could say it has gotten easier, this last month (or at least the expectation, thereof), but alas, I cannot. Intellectually, I knew this month was coming --it has to, eh? --but I had deluded myself, once again, about how HARD this month can be.

I shouldn't be sitting on you, log. I should be up and moving. The preschooler and toddler have been watching way too much TV (PBS, but still!) and playing too many video games. But now the toddler is asleep. I guess I should join him.

The dishes, floors, laundry, table, desk, front entryway, shoes, coats, dumped out cereal, other food, painting mess, and dirty clothes in the hallway can wait, right?

(Energy come back, please. Don't tell log, but I really DON'T like him.)

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Misty Lynne said...

I actually love this post. That's so me during the 1st trimester (minus the kicking baby). Hang in there. Rest all you can, and don't worry. A month or two or so of video games, movies and TV won't permanently damage the kids (though it may be a fight to ween them when the time comes). To everything there is a season, and luckily this one has it's days counted.