Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's Today Again? Isn't it Thursday, Yet?

I was looking at photos of the kiddos from last May. That was when Brandon graduated from Wharton; we had a great few days in San Francisco. I think of those photos as "contemporary."
But they're not.
In fact, they are so old! My kids don't look ANYTHING like those photos anymore. It was May. And then I realized that next week is February.

Time DOES move faster when you get older. I think I get it, now.


Today I spent the morning with my awesome sister and her boys. She always makes me feel better about everything, and I'm not sure how. We don't really delve into my drama (much) and our subjects are massively varied. But I'm beginning to think I know why. Behold! The list!
1. She gets me. She doesn't agree with me much, but she gets me! No judgement from her.
2. We can discipline each other's kids in front of each other. In a helpful way, I mean. Not spanking or something! But you know how it is with nieces and nephews, right?
3. She is a FANTASTIC mom.
4. She's rarely online. She's too busy living. She has a clean home (not perfect, but clean!) and although I know some of it is her OCD tendency, it's inspiring. She's organized and keeps her boys from too much media. She's just an all around terrific mom! It makes me want to be better. To get off the computer. To turn off the TV. To try that recipe or project or whatever I've been wanting to try.
5. We've grown up a lot. We didn't get along much several years back (5? 6?) but now, I think we've both grown up enough that we've settled into a great relationship. We've come to the realization that there's no reason to be jealous or intimidated of the other --or judgemental, either. In fact, she rocks at this. I've been not so good in the past --I tended to be offended that she didn't change her mind about things as I was changing my mind. Not any more, though! And I'm glad, because although I love my SIL's (of which I have four! They are awesome!), I only have one sister who grew up with me.
6. She's funny. And I love her.

Do you have a great relationship with your sibling(s)?


Science Fair for #2 is finished! Science Fair for #1 is tomorrow! Whee.

(#2's was about how high different balls bounce back up when dropped from the same height)

Piano lessons are in 40 minutes.

I haven't showered today. Yuck.

A girl I visit teach just had her baby this morning. So fun! So jealous.

Carpet in office is cleaned! I can start moving everything in tomorrow! Huzzah!

Who wants to take my boys all day tomorrow so I can clean/move/organize? Hmmm? Anyone, anyone? Okay, maybe for just a few hours? One hour? is this thing on?


Misty Lynne said...

I also love visiting my siblings. I love how they have no problem telling my kids what to do, and that they take no offense when I tell theirs off. Not all of us got on so great growing up, but I have definitely gotten a lot closer with some as we've gotten older, had our own families, and went our own ways. Maybe we just needed some mutual experiences while not stepping on each other's toes.

flip flop mama said...

Ha! I spent most of yesterday thinking it was Thursday...

My sister and I didn't get along until we were married and had kids. Now I love that we have such a great relationship. It was something I missed as a kid. I really longed for that sister closeness. But I'm glad we at least have it now.