Thursday, January 12, 2012

Being Nice

I'm trying to be nicer and more positive (thanks to Steph's resolution this year). In fact, read her post and please notice the print-out her friend made:

This phrase comes from the Primary Song, "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus" and it's one of my favorites. In fact, I'm never surprised when I hear so many other people claim it's their favorite primary song, either. It's a goodie!

Well, in order to be nicer, I decided I need to stop caring about people's rude insinuations or disparaging remarks, especially about my pregnancy. Or my food choices. Or my choice to give birth at home. Or my disgusting house. Ha! Just kidding about the house. Nobody cares what my house looks like. Well, maybe the people who live here do...

Anyway, here are some positive things that happened yesterday at Costco because I, myself, me, moi, yours truly decided to be positive FIRST:

1. The pharmacy lady helped me for nearly 30-35 minutes to figure out my insurance (and lack thereof) and help me find solutions so I didn't have to fork over 500 bucks for asthma medication. I was very patient with her and kind and tried to be super helpful and she gladly returned the favor.

2. I sat down next to an older gentleman while I was waiting for the pharmacy lady to make some phone calls, and he said something about my protruding belly. Usually, in my hormonal state, I would have been defensive, but instead I laughed with him about my huge-ness. We ended up having a delightful conversation!

3. I was very patient and kind to my younger boys (the older three kids were at piano lessons, thus the Costco run) while we were in the store. "You want that sample?" "Help me pick this out" and "who wants gum?" In return, a miracle happened: They were patient and kind with me! Several people in the pharmacy area remarked on their awesome behavior.

I left the store just happy!

Of course, this is an isolated event, and I'm not ignorant enough to imagine that the outcome will ALWAYS be like this --my positive attitude or not, but! It was a good reminder to me how our ability to choose a positive outlook can honestly change our situations. And in light of my needed time out last Saturday, the contrast is NOT lost on me!

Optimism used to be my best friend. I think it's time to rekindle that relationship and make it permanent!

How has your attitude changed a situation? Do you consider yourself more negative or positive?


Becca said...

I love it. Your observation is one I need to be reminded of (especially with my kids) - kindness begins with me, and when we're kind and patient with others, they tend to be patient and kind with us :D

I need that reminder a LOT... especially lately. Thanks.

Amanda D said...

I love the printable. I need to print it up for us to remember.

Your post reminds me of what someone told me in driver's ed: Courtesy is contagious. It really is.