Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yesterday's Craziness

Indulge me while I write this down. I need to remember what I did yesterday and how I probably shouldn't have pushed myself. But nesting is a strong instinct!

Get boys ready
Drop off preschooler at school
Start taking apart furniture in boys' room
Get a phone call from #1; pick her up from school (she was sick. So she claims; I still think she was slightly faking)
Work on moving furniture from boys' room into newly painted/cleaned "nursery" (girls' old room)
Pick up preschooler
Put crib together
Make lunch
Move more furniture and go through all the boys' things --divide into Toys, Stuff for their Room Downstairs, Books, and Legos
Be grateful the semi-sick #1 was home to help me move the heavier stuff!
Take a break and finish watching a Disney Movie with #1 while #5 took a nap
Finish the room changing (for the next four hours) which included: bed making, picture hanging, shelf fixing/changing, pulling-off-stickers supervising, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning
Make kids get their own dinner (which they actually like)
Eat some cold cereal myself
Make kids clean living room/kitchen
Vacuum living room
Do dishes
Put kids to bed
Make hot herbal tea (pregnancy tea!); realize the need for laundry doing tomorrow (today. whatever)
Take out all recyclables while tea seeps
Take out all garbage (bathroom, kitchen, laundry room) while tea seeps
Get clothes ready to be laundered
Sit down to watch "White Collar" and drink tea
Continue to rue the fact that we allowed #5 to nap as I continually had to get up to re-tuck the boys into bed. Also realize how excited the toddler is to be in "his new room."
Finally get the boys to settle down and sleep by 10:30PM (It'll be good for the older boys not to have the toddler in their room anymore!)
Take vitamins/meds

Up again by 6:50AM for scriptures --luckily, everyone got up in time! That's a first!

P.S. Brandon is out of town this week. Thus his lack of presence in my day yesterday. If he HAD been here, I think it might have gone differently, eh?

Today: All laundry, Costco, Take boys to get their haircut, NAP, NAP, NAP! If possible. Oh, and take kids to piano lessons. Hopefully go to bed early.

Conclusion: I REALLY want to get these rooms finished. I REALLY want to be able to rest and relax for AT LEAST a few weeks before this baby comes. I need the peace. I need the knowledge that everything is ready to welcome this new addition. That's not wrong or strange, right? It's normal. And since this kid marks so much change in our family, I need to get it all done, ASAP!

That is all. Carry on.


Cheryl said...

Not weird or strange at all, I always get that way before a new baby comes. It drives my husband CRAZY so maybe it's good Brandon isn't home :)

FoxyJ said...

I almost went crazy during my last pregnancy because we were trying to buy a home and it just wasn't working out, and all I wanted to do was to have everything in place. We moved in January 1st and she was born February 3rd, so things got close. I spent that month cleaning and organizing and cooking, and it was worth it because I spent the first six weeks just resting, sleeping, and nursing. I didn't even leave the house (I had a c-section and I have a delicate uterus, so that kind of rest was essential for my physical and emotional health.) I think there is a reason why we have nesting instincts so it's good to go with them and get things ready for your new addition.

Anonymous said...

You are Wonder Woman! Hear you roar! Or something.

Also, just to be a pain, doesn't tea steep? ;)