Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stuff in My Mind on This Fine Tuesday Evening

#5 said "FEET!" tonight. The word. With ALL the consonant sounds! He also tried to say his prayers --meaning, he repeated some of the words I said. Usually, he just listens and pretends he's repeating them, but tonight, he said words!

And I love how something that seemingly simple would bring me such outstanding joy.

Life is busy around these parts. I guess that's normal, but I still find it funny how quickly we can fill up all of our 'free" time. Last night, Brandon and I took off for an overnighter up at Park City. We had a free stay at the St. Regis that expired by the end of the year, and we could only book a night M-TH and we needed to do it before ski season hit. Sooooo....we went last night! It was fantastic. Our neighbor watched our kids (he's leaving for a mission in a few weeks --so crazy!) and it was great because they still had school and such (I wasn't going to farm them out just for this). Brandon and I had dinner at a French restaurant, slept in (well, I did. He got up early to work, the mad man!), and had a nice long breakfast at the hotel. It was a short trip, but soooo nice. I even got a nice long bath (which, interestingly enough, now has me even more excited for a water birth!). When I came home, I was in a much better mood than I was yesterday morning. In fact, the evening went rather well! The *antics were the same, but I was calmer.

*Antics: #5 taking off his clothes AND diaper; #3 freaking out over homework; #2 being distracted and not practicing her piano: #4 whining about "dying of hunger"; all of them running around like crazy people; making dinner in the midst of it all --you know, the usual.

Our busy-ness continues, too. There's still a couple of rooms to paint and recarpet, tons of furniture to move around, baby clothes to find and wash (I'll probably do that next month, though), Christmas gifts to finish buying, pictures to organize, the ONLINE family newsletter to write (I usually mail it out...so sad I won't be doing it this year... *sniff), Ward Choir songs to practice, and this weekend is Stake Conference. One would think that would be an easy weekend for us, eh? But Brandon is playing the organ for the Priesthood session, and our visiting GA (General Authority) is asking that every single adult in the stake prepare a 10 minute talk (and youth in the stake prepare a 5 minute talk) and they are literally calling people up to speak on the fly. On the fly! It has something to do with President Monson's talk about how he announced a man was going to speak in the Temple --a man who wasn't even in the Temple! --who than showed up and spoke. Both were told by the Holy Ghost to do what they did. And it worked! Our Stake has been asked to do the same. Which I find very interesting. I'm not opposed to it --in fact, I've been praying all week about what I should prepare for the Adult Session and the General Session --just in case, you know? What I find ironic is that we will be having it broadcast from our Stake Center to the other building in our Stake. So, what if you're sitting over in the Brown Church and your name is called?? Man, you'd have to hightail it outta there and to the Stake Center so you could speak! Ha! That will be hilarious if that happens. Anyway. It's kind of cool. But you better believe I'm preparing something! I know if I do, I won't be called up. But if I don't? Yeah. You see how it is.

A friend and I recently mended a bridge I thought was burning --and I was relieved and nearly cried with joy when I realized it was only my assumption. I blame hormones. I can do that for at least three more months!

Brandon is just as busy as he's always been. Well, he's not traveling as much, but he still works hard. I love it and hate it all at the same time. I don't like to see him pushing himself too hard, nor do I like his absence (he's gone three evenings this week), but I do love how hard he works. He has ambition in spades --and he wants to do a great job at what he does. He's not one to do things half-way. Unfortunately, that means he can burn himself out. On the other hand, he's reliable. On the other, if it's not in his phone, he forgets. On the left foot, though, he's a magnificent multitasker and very fluent in "business speak." On the other foot, he tends to nap whenever he can. ANYWAY, my point is that he works really hard. And I'm proud of him for it. Because even when he's busy, he's still here for scriptures, prayers, family dinner (most nights), putting the kids to bed, church, date nights, and family activities. He's great at knowing which relationships are the most important. And I love him for that.

Speaking of relationships, I was thinking I could talk about marriage at Stake Conference. I went to bed the other night with the entire talk playing out in my mind. When I woke up, I was excited! I knew what to write up! And then I tried to write it. Three times. Either it was pregnant brain or stupors of thought. Sigh.

Happy Tuesday night, dear reader. It's supposed to snow tomorrow, and I love the first REAL snowfall of the season, so don't be surprised if I gush about it. Don't worry, though --my gushing won't last.


Michelle said...

" Either it was pregnant brain or stupors of thought. Sigh. "

Or else it was a good seed that just wasn't supposed to be written. Some of the best talks are those that are from the heart. ;)

Amanda D said...

I think that is an interesting way to do stake conference. I'm glad my stake didn't get that idea. I'm curious to know how it turns out so be sure to share, okay?

Rachel and Nathan Fisher said...

Our Stake in NH did that a couple of years ago. It was very cool.