Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Exchange

Thanksgiving was fantastic! Great food, great company. Lots of sleeping, eating, game playing, chatting, and laughing. Oh, sure, there was also frustrating moments --but how could there not be with 9 children under the age of 11? But the kids had a great time (despite the meltdowns, fights, and ouchies).

My favorite parts:
*My dad's homemade pecan pie
*Brandon's cousin coming to visit
*Staying up way too late to talk

Weird parts:
*Being asked to accompany a soloist for a funeral of a person I didn't know. Turned out great, glad I could help!
*While going on a walk with my mom, SIL, and daughter, I had to stop and ask a sister in my parents' ward if I could use her bathroom. I guess it's not weird because I AM pregnant, but it was still funny. Luckily, she was home and more than happy to oblige! I was grateful since we were walking along Rose Rd to the river, and there really aren't that many houses along that route (country livin'!).

Worst parts:
*Not having enough time to talk as adults because the kids are so young and needy.
*Leaving too soon.

How was your Thanksgiving?

And now Christmas is up! We spent our Sunday afternoon decorating our house (i.e. front room and kitchen). Here are some photos of most of the decorations (we're pretty simple). My favorite is the Olive Wood Creche Brandon brought back for me from his trip to Israel last year. I also love the Nativity set Brandon's mom gave me last year for Christmas (the one they had in their home while Brandon was growing up --it's the white one under the HOPE sign). Plus all my other ones! Can you tell I like Nativity sets? Someday I'll have more. My wish is to have a Willow Tree set someday.

Now I just need to convince Brandon to get the lights up on the outside of the house!

My favorite parts of putting up Christmas:
*The kids are old enough to help without breaking things!
*Carpenter's Christmas Portrait. Best. Christmas. Music. EVER.
*Quiet evenings, with the fire on, the lights twinkling, the Christmas music playing softly in the background.

Do you have Christmas decorations up, yet? Fake tree or real tree? What's your favorite decoration? Are you as giddy about setting it all up as I am?


Julie said...

Your fireplace looks beautiful!

And wow - #4 is really growing up. Crazy.

I haven't done anything yet, but I'm dying to! Hopefully today...

Amanda D said...

I have a few decorations out but not many and none of my favorites. Hopefully sometime today I'll get more out. Our tree will come this weekend.

I am listening to Christmas music though. Your house looks lovely! I'm with Julie - your fireplace is lovely.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

We did decorations on the day after Thanksgiving through yesterday evening, and I still have a little more to do. I can't tell if it's a lot of stuff, or I'm just REALLY slow. ;)

We have a fake 7 ft. tree that we bought our first Christmas. It was kind of spendy for newlyweds, but it still looks great after 11 years.

And I'm a lover of Nativities as well...I try to add to my collection every year.

Please tell me about your Jesus stocking...what goes in there?

Cheryl said...

Thanks, guys! I love our fireplace, too. :)

The Jesus stocking was a tradition a family friend introduced my immediate family to years and years ago (I might have been a teenager). It's really simple: On Christmas Eve, everyone writes down a gift they will give to Jesus for the year. We save them so each year we can re-read what we wrote down and see if we have done it as well as we wanted to (and can read years' past). Honestly, some years we forget (doh!), but most of the time we remember. Just a little something extra to remind us Who we are celebrating.

Cheryl said...

Oh, and we put the slips of paper in the stocking. I know that's obvious, but I realized I omitted that part of the explanation. ;)

Cheryl said...

I love nativities as favorite is the one my parents brought us back from awesome!

Carpenters Christmas is!

Handsfullmom said...

I love all your holiday decor! Sounds like busy season over there. We collect nativities -- one a year -- but I can't bring myself to spend very much on any of them, so no Willow Tree here either.