Saturday, October 01, 2011

General Conference October 2011: Priesthood Session

What I learned at October 2011 General Conference this year and the goals I've decided to work on: Priesthood Session

What? You're saying I can't learn anything from the Priesthood Session because I'm not there listening?! Well, I disagree. Not only will I learn a lot once I grill my hubby and then read the talks for myself because grilling him doesn't get me very far (unless something crazy happens), here are some things I've already learned --at it's not even over, yet!

1. My husband looks fiiiiine in a suit. I mean, really fine. Awesome, even!

2. Because we snacked all afternoon, dinner isn't tempting until after 6PM, so it means the kids get nachos and Brandon and I will have Thai food after the session (the rice is a'cookin!).

3. For women who do not have children under the age of 12, it could represent Women's Night Out or Parties or Fun-ness. For me, it's just another evening without my husband around. Honestly? I'm okay with it. No biggies. It's just two hours, man. Two hours, in my life, is like seconds!

4. My brother and my husband can still (apparently) play Carcassonne on their phones with me --even though they are attending the Priesthood session in their respective cities/states.

That's all.

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Rebekah said...

And I specifically told Jared, "No i-phone". Glad he listens to me.

Oh...and I think my husband looks fiiine in a suit too. :)