Saturday, October 01, 2011

General Conference October 2011: Saturday Afternoon

What I learned at October 2011 General Conference this year and the goals I've decided to work on: Saturday Afternoon

(Cute Primary Choir! My kids knew most of the songs, so that was fun...)

Elder Bednar
Learned: Spirit of Elijah; getting more excited about the importance of Family History and sealings.
Goal: How can we do more Family History? Re-commit to monthly Temple Attendance. Have an FHE on the Temple Grounds again.

Elder Andersen:
Learned: We Believe in Families and Children!
Goal: More gratitude and deliberate mothering

Elder Ardern:
Learned: Awesome accent! Oh, and Managing our time. "Let us be as quick to kneel as we are to text."
Goal: How am I wasting time? Prioritize with another awesome list!

Elder Cook (not Quentin)
Learned: "It's better to look up"; Giving our burdens to Christ, learning to trust Him.
Goal: Find more joy; Trust Christ more!

Elder Curtis Jr.
Learned: Definition of Redemption; stories of those who have been redeemed
Goal: Share the story of my own Grandfather's redemption more (it's a good one!)

Elder Christofferson
Learned: True Repentance (five ways to truly repent)
Goal: Apply true repentance to my life; stop pretending I don't need to "really" repent.

Elder Perry
Learned: Sharing who we are and what we believe with the curious world
Goal: Bear my testimony and discuss the Gospel more often on FB and my blog.

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