Sunday, October 02, 2011

General Conference October 2011: Sunday Morning

What I learned at October 2011 General Conference this year and the goals I've decided to work on: Sunday Morning

President Eyring
Learned: Keeping Baptismal Covenants --i.e. Charity, Keeping Commandments, Enduring, Being a witness for God, B of M reading daily.
Goal: 100 Days of Book of Mormon Reading

Elder Hales
Learned: Savior's Atonement and our purpose is to grow, develop, and be strengthened by the Lord through our own mortal experiences.
Goal: More individual prayer. More patience on the Lord. More trust in the Lord and His timing.

Elder Callistar
Learned: Genius of the Book of Mormon and the life of Jesus Christ -either it's of God or of Satan. They are of God! Book of Mormon is true!
Goal: 100 Days of Book of Mormon Reading

Sister Dalton (LOVED this talk!)
Learned: How do Fathers raise their daughters? By loving their mother, being guardians of the home, leading the family to the Temple, honoring and using their Priesthood, and living a virtuous life.
Goal: Re-think T.V. shows I watch --eliminate those that chase away the Spirit. Be more supportive to Brandon's role of Patriarch in our home.

Elder Ballard
Learned: Importance of the name of our Church
Goal: Refer to the whole name more often

Pres. Monson
Learned: Moral behavior in the world has changed just as quickly and drastically as technology and it's NOT a good thing. Learning to recognize, accept, and act upon Inspiration and keep the Gospel at our core and the Savior in our hearts.
Goal: Follow through on all promptings; stop second-guessing Spiritual guidance.

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