Sunday, October 02, 2011

General Conference October 2011: Sunday Afternoon

What I learned at October 2011 General Conference this year and the goals I've decided to work on: Sunday Afternoon

Elder Nelson
Learned: Covenants --specifically the Abrahamic Covenant
Goal: Teach kids about Patriarchal Blessings and the New and Everlasting Covenant. Be more diligent in keeping my own covenants!

Elder Oaks
Learned: What Think Ye of Christ?
Goal: Strive harder for the Gift of the Holy Ghost to be with me always (it's a Gift!)

Elder Richardson
Learned: To be a REAL teacher, learner, etc; Align all we do after the manner of the Spirit
Goal: Pray more while prepping my Sunday School lessons/pause while teaching to hear the Spirit --apply the same in my parenting.

Elder Yamashita
Learned: Missionaries/Future Missionaries --missionaries are never forgotten by those they teach the Gospel to
Goal: Teach the kids the importance of the Three things they need to bring to serve a mission (1. Desire to Preach the Gospel, 2. Developed testimony, 3. Love of others).

Elder Bennett
Learned: Gift of Choice
Goal: Choose Daily Divine Direction! FHE on agency and choices/consequences

Elder Cornish
Learned: Heavenly Father knows and loves us individually; We must ask for His help through prayer
Goal: Pray more. Every morning/night/in between. FHE on Prayer

Elder Cook
Learned: Why Does God Allow Such Tragedies
Goal: Instead of focusing on the unfairness of trials, think about the joy of Heavenly Father's plan.

President Monson
Learned: Conference rocks!
Goal: Show increased kindness to my kids, hubby, and neighbors

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