Saturday, April 02, 2011

What I Loved About General Conference Today

*Elder Cook talked about the faith of women this morning (amongst other fantastic things) and it got me thinking: What About My Faith? I know I have faith, and I know my faith has seen me through a lot of bad stuff (in fact, I have a sincere belief that if it weren't for my faith, I would have left years ago. Left what? Everything. I'm overly dramatic, and I know if I hadn't have had a firm, grounded, embedded testimony of Jesus Christ and His Church, then I would have run away and left it all behind. But I didn't. Because I couldn't. Because I won't. My Faith is too strong), but how strong is it now? How can I keep strengthening it?

President Eyring made me wonder if I serve enough --not physically, but spiritually.

Other questions I'm now pondering:
1. Are we doing enough to instill the knowledge of the Gospel into our children's hearts?
2. Do our children see us serve each other and our neighbors?
3. Christ asks us to be as little children --but have I (have we?) forgotten so quickly that we used to BE little children? How can I remember and relate when exercising patience with my own kids?
4. Can I really withstand the temptation of the physical desire to ruin my body through food?

*Brandon's cousin Mia was singing in the afternoon session with the BYU-Idaho choir. You couldn't miss her! She was in blue and has short platinum-blond hair. We loved all of her close-ups!

*#1 got to go to conference in the Conference Center with Brandon's dad this morning. She was really tired when she got home, but she loved it!

*I'm still in my pajamas. #4 took a 3 hour nap. Brandon ran a few errands and the kids and I did some chores --but not really. It's been a very lazy day. I didn't make the kids watch conference --it's too hard and they are too little, but they did watch some. It's easier with the packets I print out. Tomorrow morning they'll watch the entire session; I'm praying the cinnamon rolls I'm going to make will be a good bribe! And don't worry --they'll be whole wheat. And maybe vegan. But probably not.

*I love General Conference. There is just something miraculous about seeing Prophets and Apostles speaking to us live --knowing that the entire world has access (well, most of the world, anyway) to it, and that other members of the Church all over the world will watch it, too.

*Brandon is at the Priesthood session right now. What is it about a man in a suit and tie that makes women swoon? Well, this woman, anyway.

*I made some herbal tea after the last session and drank it outside in the backyard. Alone. I was surrounded by nothing but the sounds of the wind, and for ten minutes, I was enveloped in peace. No child knew where I was; no child came looking for me. It was, honestly, a very gentle respite, and because of the lack of interruption, I was more than happy to re-enter the ranks.

*What did you love about General Conference today?


Jill said...

We're getting a temple in Fort Collins! That's only 45 minutes away, it will be the closest I have lived to a temple since I got married. WAHOO!!!

Cheryl said...

My oldest son went to priesthood session tonight with my husband. Nothing like seeing your baby dressed up and excited to go with his Dad to make you a sappy emotional mess! But I love it!

Laura@livingabigstory said...

My 8 y/o got up about 6am to go to the early session this morning. I got all mushy looking at him in his suit. Then when the congregational hymn started, I really got choked up imagining how incredible he would be feeling being surrounded by this many members. I have to admit that was my favorite moment.

But my favorite talk was Elder Cook's....

Amanda D said...

I don't make my kids watch on Saturday either. I had it on (loud) and my oldest played in the kitchen with his legos so I suspect he heard quite a bit.

On Sundays, though, my older kids have to watch. They are old enough to be baptized, so they are old enough to listen. I print out the packets, we play the bingo and we have snacks. They were interested. I got to the point that I wanted to kick the 5-year-old out of the room, but he wanted to be where everyone else was.

There was so many good messages. I can't wait for my Ensign to come so I can review the talks!

Roger and LeAnn said...

What a sweet post! I loved your thoughts and remember the days when we had our children and struggled to figure out ways to help them enjoy conference.
Thanks and blessing to you! LeAnn

jenjamin said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing!