Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Like Exercise Again!

I lost four pounds this week. Normally, I wouldn't share any more detail, but luckily for you, dear reader, I'm not normal. Aren't you excited? Yeah, anyway, with that said, I'll let you know the following:

Weight as of four weeks ago: 202
As of three weeks ago: 202
Two weeks ago: 204
Last week: 204
Today: 200

So. I obviously started out badly, but have somehow found my groove. Solution: honest weight watchers tracking and exercise.

Huh. Eating healthy and exercise. Who knew, eh? Yeah, well I did, but I have mental problems, so gimme a break! ;)


Julie said...

Congratulations!! It's amazing what those two things can do....both emotionally and physically.

Great accomplishment!

Emily said...

I knew I'd seen your picture before! It was probably from over at Women in the Scriptures!

Alison Wonderland said...

See, now You're the exercise hero.

Seriously, I'm immensely proud of you and even more immensely happy for you.

Carters said...

Wow! I was googling something and your blog came up with some key words I entered. Your blog is terrific! I hope you don't mind I follow (stock) your blog.

sariqd said...

Who DOESN'T have mental problems? Are there really any people who don't? ;)

I'm discovering how awesome I feel every time I do it. Because apparently my short-term memory doesn't work and that's why I have a mental battle every time I'm supposed to exercise.

The Atomic Mom said...

A fellow Weight Watcher. Today I am offically back on plan and the wagon. Heaven help me!