Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's April. And Tuesday.

It's April 26th. And it's snowing. One would think that I would be used to these crazy Utah springs, but than one would be very, very wrong. I mean, I remember it snowed on #1's first birthday. So, you would think after 9 more years of late April snow I would be cool with it, right? Right? Whatever.

Couple of random television things:

1. I know some people don't like Hannah and Olivia on The Biggest Loser, but I adore them. And I'm so relieved Hannah is still on! She looks amazing.
2. American Idol is kind of "blah" for me again. I'm still watching, but I'm not as involved, and when Pia got voted off, I lost all faith. Okay, not really, because they did vote off Jennifer Hudson one year, eh? It's all those voters --they are 12 year old GIRLS. My opinion: Casey has the most talent. But won't win.
3. I missed The Amazing Race this last season. Literally, never saw an episode. It made me sad. Because it was the all-stars, man! The all-stars! How did I miss it? I blame the DVR. And my laziness. And forgetfulness.

Our school is hosting a 5K fundraiser this weekend and I'm not participating. Wha? Yeah, that's what I said. I didn't sign up, I didn't pay the money, I'm NOT running. I figured at the beginning of the school year when they announced our theme ("Just Move It... One Step at a Time") and that it would culminate in a 5K and mile fun-run (as a fundraiser) I would be running in it. Why not, eh? I had 8 months to train!
Yeah. Well. I can't even run 1/4 of a mile without blacking out.
So, the girls will be going to theater class during that time and I will not be running. Part of me is very disappointed in me, but I'm tired of that part of me right now, and given that she showed up last week and threw all kinds of negative disappointment in my face, I'm okay with ignoring her.

I'm going to list happy things. Because this negative blog is getting too negative. My buddy Radel started a blog about listing happy things, and so I'm going to copy her for this portion of the post. Let's be happy! Here's some happiness:

1. I finally, for the first time in 3 weeks, stayed within my weight watcher points! Granted, it was just yesterday, and only one day, but still!
2. I have been exercising at least 4 times a week for a month (except that one week I had the flu. Totally excusable).
3. All laundry is folded and put away. For now. Until this afternoon. But for now, it's away! And my room is super clean! Not dusted, but vacuumed! Vacuumed, I tell you! Vacuumed.
4. Tonight the girls are performing with their theater class. Being the great mom that I am, I can't remember the name of the play, but #1 is the narrator and #2 is one of the three little pigs. I love to watch them on stage! It's fun to see them doing things they love to do.
5. I have an iPhone. I know I've already mentioned it, but having a reliable cell phone has been nothing but PURE JOY. Pictures from said cell phone:


My adorable boys

6. I have the cutest kids on the planet. The cutest!
7. #3, #4 and #5 love pointing out all the "popcorn" trees around the city. I HEART Spring!
8. #4 and #5 are in love with Blue's Clues; they watch it on Netflix every morning now.
9. #1 got a new bike for her birthday (long overdue) and she was thrilled with it. I had to buy a 26 incher because she'd outgrow the 24 incher within a few years, but she can ride it just fine. When did my baby grow up!?
10. I've been thinking a lot about writing again. Really writing, I mean. Maybe pulling out the old plot-hat and starting a work of fiction. Maybe. The idea brings me great joy, but it also makes me very afraid. Of what? I don't know. Failure. Isn't that what prohibits most of us from starting anything? The fear of failure?
11. Books I've read or Are Reading or Have Been Sitting On My Table Waiting for Me to Read Them:
*Little Bee by Chris Cleave
*Slave by Mende Nazer and Damien Lewis
*Jane Austen Ruined My Life by Beth Pattillo
*I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith
*Sanditon by Jane Austen and Another Lady
*Ireland by Frank Delaney
*The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears
*Sara Snow's Fresh Living: The Essential Room-by-Room guide to a Greener, Healthier Family and Home by Sara Snow
*Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle by Dan Senor and Saul Singer
*A Quiet Heart by Patricia Holland
*Go Forward With Faith: Biography of Gordon B. Hinckley by Sheri Dew
*Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte

Happy Tuesday, dear reader! May your day be filled with all kinds of happy thoughts and at least one moment of contentment...


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the cute pictures of your kiddos. :)

Handsfullmom said...

There will be other races -- this one just didn't fit with all the other things you're doing right now, right?

And your kids are very cute.

Radel said...

I HEART you for linking to my blog!! So cool!! And I love your list of happiness. Keep focusing on the positive! (I say that although I'm not doing it today.) Loved reading your Easter Miracle day too. That was lovely, you must have an amazing husband. :)

Laura@livingabigstory said...

I think a fear of failure is my BIGGEST barrier to trying new things. But I'm hoping that my 40 by 40 list will give me that feeling of accomplishment of tackling some of the real things that scare me.


Also loved your Easter miracle -- was talking to a friend this morning who reminded me of the importance of recognizing those little miracles.

One last thing (to a very long comment) -- a happy list helped me so much when I was struggling many years ago. Sometimes the only thing I could come up with was "saw a pretty flower", but as I forced myself to *notice*, I began to notice ... if that makes sense?

Take care ....

Rebekah V. said...

Can you believe I break my long blog stalking silence just to tell you that I HEART Olivia and Hannah too! Well I do.

Also did you know that in an alternate universe we would have been great pals in the East Bay. Well its true. But now we are moving back east again.

Keep on keeping on sister.