Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Wanted and Hot Topics

1. Wanted to really clean up for playgroup this morning.

Swept the floor and put on clean jeans. That's enough, right?

2. Wanted to get outside and get some walking mileage in!

Stayed inside and read books when I saw the temperature for the day (high of 19).

3. Wanted to accomplish something fantasmical concerning the fourth child during the fifth child's nap time.

Made him wander about aimlessly with his toys while I read the books (thank goodness the kid has an imagination. Although, now that I think about it, it could be born from necessity because of his boring mother).

4. Wanted to organize something.

Not really. So, I didn't.

Random Hot Topics Where I Will Only Supply Snippets:

*Part of the reason P*orn is so rampant is because of secrecy. The body is so-very-sacred to us (especially Mormons) that we forget about the other prudish and devilish side of the pendulum: Secrecy. Seeing a nursing woman might actually do a boy some good. Also, not freaking out if your 3 year old sees you naked.
*I am a Whole Foodist leaning towards Raw Veganism. I wish there was a better name. Because I'm not really a vegan and I'm not really a raw foodist, but I'm something akin to it!
*I'm really grateful I didn't live in Europe during the World Wars. Or Russia during the entire 20th century. Or Rwanda. Or any other place where fear runs free.
*I'm a spoiled, rich, spoiled person. I have food. Clothing. A home. More than that, I have my entire family. I have so much accumulated wealth that 80% of this world would see me as rich, rich, rich. Disgustingly so. Why do I take it for granted?
*Obama drives me insane. If it wasn't for smart people like this, we wouldn't be able to see past our President's amazing good looks:

*How did I get so lucky to live in a country that would allow me to write something like this about our elected President?
*I have become a pansy. When I was a child, our winters were harsh. Snow up to the rafters and lots of negative degree-age. The weather got warmer when I was a teenager and young adult, but now the winters seem to be returning to my days of yore. And I HATE it.
*I want the Purple team to do well on The Biggest Loser.
*Having Apostles of God alive today is something akin to miraculous. I just wish everyone could realize it.


Emily & Co. said...

Love that video and the "boob" post. ;)

Amanda D said...

I have to admit, the purple team drives me crazy. So does the yellow team. I don't know why but the last couple of seasons of the BL, I just don't really care about the contestants as I have in the past.

Love your list of today. We should all follow your example and take a day to read. :)

Anonymous said...

Sweeping the floor is a major accomplishment!

Thanks for linking to the breastfeeding post. It was awesome.